Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Sunrise


I am a lover of the sun, the clouds and the sky, especially during the dawn and twilight hours, but given that I rarely wake up early enough for sunrise, I thought I didn’t have a single sunrise photo in my gallery when I saw Amanda’s weekly challenge on the topic. But once I typed ‘sunrise’ in my Google gallery and it came up with the results, I was pleasantly surprised. Barely awake but awake enough to quickly snap the beauty of sunrise before going back to sleep, I actually have a few such photos in my gallery:

From my bedroom, the morning sun rays have been perfect natural alarms this past summer in our new apartment
MVIMG_20190207_074127 (1).jpg
Winter sunrises are even more special since the sun doesn’t shine everyday here in winter
On a perfect early morning when I woke to this view on a snowboarding trip in Polish Tatras
Sunrise in my hometown of Kathmandu. The elusive mountains reveal themselves on a clear morning.
I actually set alarm on my phone to catch this view of the first sun rays lighting the majestic mountains while hiking in Nepal last year



18 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Sunrise

  1. Very special photos of the Annapurnas, Pooja. I love that you provided some wintry sunrises too. They are rare and special to capture as you mentioned.
    That hiking trip must have been fun, especially if the mountain skyline treated you to such vistas. That is the fish tail mountain on the right isn’t it? Which is the mountain in the left then?

  2. I love sunrises too. While I used to post sunrises regularly on my blog earlier, these days I don’t post many sunrises. I didn’t know you dig sunrises! I’m sure there are beautiful sunrises in Nepal!

  3. Beautiful sunrises especially the winter ones. When it’s winter the sun usually rises later so you have more chance of catching the sunrise 🙂 Like you I am a morning person and usually don’t wake up early enough to see the sun rising – but when I do I always hope it is a colourful one 🙂

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