Friendly Friday: Yellow

For this Friday, one of the hosts of Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, Amanda, has come up with a fun topic. I’ve always loved yellow so the moment I saw this week’s topic, I knew I had to post my collection of yellows. Yellow is such a happy color and I have warm memories from childhood attached to yellow.

Favorite season: sunny autumn. One fine day in Prague.
This beautiful surprise from our house cactus
Withered but beautiful roses in Palmengarten, Frankfurt
Bright yellow in Nepal in autumn
Lots of yellows in a Chinese monastery in Bangkok
Our friend’s wedding car decorated with yellow/green balloons
On a warm summer evening
Yellow blooms against clear blue sky
From a recent trip to Mexico



25 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Yellow

  1. Oh my goodness, the house in Mexico and the wedding car are fun photos. But I have to say the Nepalese photo took the prize for me. Seeing Nepal always tugs at my heart strings and the yellow fields, which I have only seen in Denmark, are something I am in total fascination with. I did not know that they grew well in Nepal. Is that in the south?

      1. I have been to Bhaktapur!!!!! Yes in 1986. I bought my Thangka painting there and had coffee in a stupa on the main square. It is a fascinating town. Maybe we should write a dual (short), post about it, linking to each other photo/s, “The Now and the Then (1986). Sound possible? Now that we are at home with a little more time to write? Would you be interested, Pooja?

  2. I love this collection of yellow, Pooja. Thanks for this post filled with vibrant colors to brighten us up in these uncertain times. Since you love yellow so much, I wonder if you love the minions as well. They’re very popular in Indonesia.

  3. Greetings Pooja. That cactus picture is amazing. Love it. So you can still see Trabbies around Lodz ? I have actually driven one, years ago in eastern Hungary

    1. No, trabants are not common here, but this one was actually a personal project of our friend (he repaired an old broken one and customized it) and he used it for his wedding 🙂 He just keeps the car as a ride for special occasions.

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