Impressions of Svalbard: part 2

As I mentioned in my previous article about our trip to Svalbard how guided tours are the way to go for most tourists, we were excited about a full-day guided cruise tour in Svalbard on our final day there. A boat tour was the easiest guided tour that I found on the long list of … More Impressions of Svalbard: part 2


See you, Suomi!

Anathema’s “Weather Systems” on the background, wind howling and the sight of night pink-ish sky outside – as I sit on the bed on my last night in Finland is making me weep.  Listening to this album reminds me of my student days in a quiet Finnish town a couple of years ago, the friendships formed then … More See you, Suomi!

Helsinki night out

I am gonna make this more text at the moment because the internet here in Porto is really slow. My excitement of going to Portugal had almost vanished for no apparent reason until I met my dear friend last night at Helsinki and celebrated Nepali New Year’s Eve (2070, Yay!). It was then when I … More Helsinki night out