Friendly Friday: Yellow

For this Friday, one of the hosts of Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, Amanda, has come up with a fun topic. I’ve always loved yellow so the moment I saw this week’s topic, I knew I had to post my collection of yellows. Yellow is such a happy color and I have warm memories from childhood … More Friendly Friday: Yellow


Pokhara, a great place to relax around nature

Note that this blog post is available on GPSmyCity as a travel article app in the Pokhara city section. This article can be downloaded as an app by clicking here. You can also subscribe to or upgrade the article (for a small fee) for gaining access to the offline map with all sights mentioned on the article.  Nepalese believe that Pokhara, … More Pokhara, a great place to relax around nature

Around town in April

From this year, I have realized that my favorite season is in fact spring, as opposed to autumn which I had always thought to be my favorite. It’s because I’ve noticed that the days are longer, sunnier and there are flowers everywhere in spring! And there’s summer to look forward to 🙂 We’ve already had … More Around town in April

65 signs that you’ve lived in Poland for too long

I’ve been living in Poland for more than five years, and I’ve found that it is a country that’s either misunderstood or not much known about by foreigners. Poland is still mostly associated with the horrors of war that it endured not very long ago, but after living here for so long, I believe there’s … More 65 signs that you’ve lived in Poland for too long