A relaxing day in Nessebar

Ever since I was a child, I found rainy days so cozy. Perfect days for hot bowls of soup, movies and skipping school πŸ˜‰ Time and again I get to relive the nostalgic feelings when I can enjoy downpours outside from cozy indoors. My memory of Nesebar, a beautiful town on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, is of one such day. Although it was low season and the town was sleepy, there was nothing that stopped us from enjoying our day.

A nice viewpoint
DSC01368-01 (1).jpeg
Color of the sea was pretty

We started our journey from Burgas, a bigger city near Nesebar, on a mini-bus. We reached the town in an hour, and passed the famous party mecca of Europe, Sunny Beach, on the way.Β  Sunny Beach looked like a ghost town with no people around, closed supermarkets and shops, and some hotels that looked like they were either under construction or abandoned. Once we got off the bus at Nesebar, our lazy wandering started. The cold sea made for some pretty views but the seagulls were the real stars in making the cold atmosphere a little more lively.

Rainy day

Nesebar is a historically and culturally important small town that in the recent years has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Bulgaria. The coastal city boasts a number of historic buildings along with recently opened seaside restaurants and bars. The town lies on a rocky peninsula which makes it pleasant to have romantic strolls around while enjoying the coastal views.

Empty promenade

It had started raining shortly after we reached Nesebar. A drizzle progressively turned into a downpour until there was nowhere to hide except under the empty looking houses of the old town.

View from the old town that sits on a hill

Walking on the beautiful cobblestone streets of the old town with nobody around was a memorable experience despite the rainfall. My memories of most old towns that I have visited in Europe have mostly been of crowded, hot summer days. So this one in Nessebar was a welcome change. I also loved the unique wooden houses of the district and wondered how long they must have been standing there, through the rainfalls and sunshines.

Quaint old town

After walking around the peninsula. we found a restaurant to have lunch in. It was so cozy eating warm meals by the fireplace and watching the crazy downpour that was going on outside. As much I love a sunny day, I’ve always loved a rainy day as well – especially when being cozy inside. Since we didn’t have any snow in Kathmandu, my idea of a cozy, cold day was a rainy day (and thunderstorms) while growing up in Nepal. After our lunch, we decided to head back to Bourgas after spending a relaxing day at Nesebar which we pretty much had it to ourselves.

An orthodox church in town
Empty streets of Nesebar in spring

//Do you like rainy days? How do you enjoy one?




17 thoughts on “A relaxing day in Nessebar

  1. Beautifully written and excellent introduction to the town of Nesebar, Pooja. You write so well.
    I do love the rain although we don’t see much of it here. Everyone wants to have sunshine when visiting the beach and the rain gives a different experience to visitors, if we are open to enjoying it. Bulgaria looks like an interesting destination. Have you travelled there much?

    1. Oh thank you so much Amanda πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen more of Bulgaria except the coastal part where I was that one time, but I definitely want to go back. It’s a big, beautiful country with very reasonable prices. There are some beautiful mountains and monasteries there that I want to visit, but the coast was beautiful too! Especially since it wasn’t crowded with partygoers.

      1. I guess the cheap prices attract groups of partygoers, so it was great for you to find a time that avoided that. A very interesting looking country. What was the food like?

      2. Bulgarian cuisine actually has many influences. Balkan, Eastern European, Turkish and Middle Eastern etc. Some of my favorites were the shopska salad (a lot of good fresh veggies with cheese) and the fries. They use special grated cheese over their potato wedges/fries and I loved that. I ate a lot of good fried fish too. You have to definitely give it a try Amanda! It’s an interesting cuisine. We have one Bulgarian restaurant in the city but I have never been there.

  2. I also like an inclement day from time to time. It makes it much easier to stay in and get something done. When the weather is nice, it is difficult to stay indoors. I imagine re-living your cool, rainy day in Nessebar might have helped you deal with the current heat wave in Europe, Pooja. I hope you and hubby are ok!

    1. You’re right Tanja, it’s the best for getting some things done at home! The visit to Nessebar was more than year ago, I am a bit behind posting about my travels haha. Thanks for you kind regards πŸ™‚

  3. That church looks interesting! As for rainy days, too many of them over here 😊But I actually don’t mind nighttime rain, listening to it drop onto the roof and windows as I sleep cozily in my bed, makes me feel homey πŸ˜‹

      1. Were you having a holiday with family, Pooja? I haven’t been blogging much the last few weeks myself as I have been caught up with moving house. Looking forward to reading your posts when I start blogging again.

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