Top five reasons to visit Prague in winter

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Ah, Prague. Possibly the most famous Central European city. The city that I fell in love with almost three years agoEver since my last visit, I had been longing to go back, and I finally did so last weekend (despite living just 6-7 hours drive from there..) in the dead of winter. Today I am sharing five top reasons to visit Prague in winter.

Roadside view on the drive to Prague from Lodz, Poland

Christmas markets

Prague is famous for its traditional markets popping all over the city around Christmas time. The markets in Prague are said to be truly impressive, featuring decorated wooden huts selling traditional goodies.


The biggest Christmas market is in the old town square, complete with a giant, colorful Christmas tree, but you can find several others in places such as Prague castle, under Charles Bridge, in Wenceslas Square etc . This year’s Christmas market in the old town square was open until January 5th, so we had 1 day to observe the beautiful market.


The smell of hot mulled wine in the crisp winter air, the crackling of firewood where skewers were set, the colorful lights that lit up the entire square and white snow! Truly a winter wonderland if you ask me! ❤ One of my favorite things about Europe are the traditional Christmas markets and I was understandably elated to be in Prague during this season.


Winter drinks/snacks

Snack options in Prague were aplenty. It was -12 degrees when we visited Prague, so the hot drinks really kept us warm! I loved sipping these takeaway hot drinks while admiring the architectural beauty in Prague.


We could buy them almost everywhere – in the stalls, in the pubs, in little shops, in restaurants. Some of the most popular food and drinks you’ll find on the streets of Prague during winter are smoked roasted ham, grilled Czech sausages(Klobasa),  sweet delicious pastry called Trdelnik,  hot mulled wine, hot chocolate and grog (Czech rum, hot water, lemon and sugar).

Trdelnik – it was so good!

On top of that, hearty Czech cuisine is perfect for the colder weather.
If you’re a foodie, Prague won’t disappoint! 😀

Trying out filling Czech food (soooo similar to Polish cuisine) in Prague old town

Smaller crowds

Christmas season is considered as one of the high seasons in Prague, but we were there in the first week of January, so it wasn’t as crowded. It was definitely pleasant to walk on the Charles Bridge without hoards of tourists everywhere.


Also, the locals of Prague stay in Prague during winter, unlike summer where they  mostly go to the countrysides,  or lakes all over the country to relax by the water. So less crowds and more local activity definitely make Prague more appealing to visit, at least I feel that way.

Cheaper deals on flights and accommodations

January and February are low-season months in Prague, during which you can make use of cheaper flights and accommodation costs. We drove to Prague from Lodz, Poland and rented an airbnb apartment at an amazing price, not too far from the center. If you’re looking to save some cash, go during the colder months!

The neighborhood where we stayed

Prague is absolutely gorgeous during winter

This is the most important one : Can you imagine anything more magical than all the red roofs of Prague painted with white, fresh snow? How wonderful is that! We were lucky to see white Prague last weekend and it was something I won’t forget. The city is just so pretty!

Charles bridge on the background
View of Prague from Petrin viewpoint

The first day was even sunny, and I find few things more beautiful than sun shining on white snow. The streets on old town didn’t have much snow, but a little outside the town, the land was blanketed with snow. We climbed the Petrin viewpoint tower and enjoyed the lovely snow-clad view of the entire city while sipping our hot wine! Prague shines during winter and you won’t even mind the cold on your hand to snap photos at every corner  of the city. 😉

Look at those colorful houses by the river!

So if you were doubtful about visiting Prague during winter, I hope I’ve convinced you enough to pack warm and just go! 🙂



47 thoughts on “Top five reasons to visit Prague in winter

  1. Nice post! I did not know that they still have Christmas Market in January. In Germany, final day of most market is the 23.12. I love your Charles Bridge picture, although the swans look a bit dirty haha.

    1. Thanks, Len! 🙂 Yes, in most countries I think the markets last until Christmas. I was glad that they had it open until Jan 5th in Prague.. but just the biggest one was open until that date. Hahah, the swans actually come in that color 😀

  2. I am just in awe of the pics Pooja! Wow wow wow. Going off season definitely makes you travel without the maddening chaos. Those Christmas markets look so adorable. Love the Charles bridge picture . It’s just like a postcard.

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 You definitely inspire me with your fantastic photography and blog posts.
      Christmas markets in Prague are just so pretty and traditional. 🙂 Tackling -12 degrees of cold was worth it for me for that atmosphere 😀

  3. I love the picture with all the swans, Pooja. I used to drink mulled wine when I was in Bournemouth but I’ve never seen it here in Lisbon. So where is your next trip to, Pooja ?

    1. Good day, Dai! I loved the swans too. They seemed quite friendly. And the view of Charles Bridge on the background was just unreal – so pretty!
      They don’t have mulled wine in Lisbon during winter, Dai? Hope you’re having a nice day today.
      Next trip is to the Philippines in a month or so.. yayyyy! 😀

  4. Prague is our favorite place in Europe. We were there is summer and loved everything about the city. The people, food and everything.
    Looking at your post, we will definitely goona go back and make sure it is winter. What a beautiful place.

    1. It’s also your favorite place in Europe? So cool! 😀 Prague is also really one of my favorite cities in Europe and I am so glad that I live nearby, so I definitely plan to visit it also in autumn and summer now hehe. Just dress very warm if you visit Prague in winter and you’ll be fine! 🙂

  5. I have always wanted to visit Prague, but never considered to do so in the winter. Your article made me rethink this position. Thank you. Also, I remember Christmas markets very fondly from my early years in Germany.

    1. I like traveling in winter as it’s a different kind of atmosphere, and I think it’s very special, especially around Christmas. Oh yes I’ve heard all kinds of things about German Christmas markets but haven’t had the chance to visit one yet 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting, Tanja!

  6. I do plan to visit Prague in winter – in the beginning of February. In Poland when it’s cold (autumn/winter) it’s easy to buy hot mulled wine or beer too. 😛 I still don’t know what I’ll do there. 😀 My favourite town in Europe (after Warsaw ofc ;)) is Oslo. I doubt Prague will beat that. 😀

    1. Hi Sam. Well yes in Poland also it’s popular to drink mulled wine/beer 😀 I love the beer more, but I didn’t see any mulled beer in Prague, just wine hehe. Well if it’ll be your first time in Prague then you will have a lot to do, but if it’s not then it’s up to you 😀 I see that you’re from Warsaw? I’ve been there just a couple of times. I live in Lodz since 3 years but I am from Nepal. Now that you said that about Oslo, I am kinda excited for summer because I have two very long transits(15 hrs+) to kill at Oslo when going to Svalbard! Thanks for reading and commenting, going to check out your blog! 🙂

      1. I’m going there for the first time. I don’t think I will follow the “must see” I will do whatever I like anyway. Some of it may be compatible with “must see places”. Yup, I’m from Warsaw, I could give you a more local-oriented tour. 😉 What do you think about Lodz? I have been frequent visitor there lately after few years of break. I like the new town. 🙂

      2. Lodz is quite nice, although I like other Polish cities much better. I always joke with my boyfriend why he had to be from Lodz and not other cities so that I could have moved there in the first place, haha. My favorites in Poland are Gdansk and Wroclaw. Very beautiful cities. But over the years, I am getting used to the unique feel of Lodz as well 🙂

  7. I fell in love with Prague too, but I never thought to go during the Winter- such a good idea! I also only just found out that it’s no longer called the Czech Republic, weird. Great post and lovely pictures!

    1. Hi! Prague is definitely worth visiting in winter as well, to get a different feel. I actually like the name Czech Republic better than Czechia, cuz Czechia sounds like a person’s name to me ha ha. Thanks for reading, commenting and following! Gonna check out your blog now 🙂

  8. Wow!! You were in Prague? Been living here for almost 2 and half years, I still can’t get enough of this city.
    And yes, sipping mulled wine while roaming around Old Town Center is one of my favorite thing to do in winter.
    Would love to meet you if I come by to Lodz 🙂

      1. Yup, I’m from Nepal too. Stumbled upon your blog through your Quora article recently.
        I have only been to Poland once (Krakow, last November). So don’t know much about other cities over there.
        Your travel blogs are really good. Keep up writing more amazing blog posts in future. 🙂

  9. hhhh DO YOU LOVE TRDELNIK?? Well I am totally addicted to it since I was kid.. you know I was born very near to Prague and now I live there.. if you need anything anytime – visit, to go out or send some awesome gift to you… just write me 😀
    anyway the post is really amazing and I agree with you in everything… the snow will come soon so come again and we can enjoy together 😀

      1. Well there is a lot of discussion and figjts abou Trdelnik. Some people say it came from Magyar or Germany or Slovakia …but surely is that Trdelnik is houndres and houndreds years old and because in eauropean history czech, germany,slovakia,austria etc was under one empire so we also call it as our czech trdelnik 😀 little bit complicated but important is that its delicious am i right ? 😀

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