Winter in Lodz and appreciating the season

Lodz is not known as one of the prettiest cities in Poland, in fact the opposite: it’s known as a gray and ugly city. Those characters come even more alive during winter when the sun gets elusive. I had felt gloomy during my last three winters here, but this year there was more snowfall than I had ever seen in Poland and the thick, white snow has added some beauty to this unique city.

It started with this during late autumn last year:

Lodz has many parks and even a forest right in the city

Slowly into the year, there was more snow:

IMG_20161130_211747_HHT (1).jpg
Snowy night seen from my window
One sunny morning

I’ve really been enjoying winter this year. I tried winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding for the first time ever this winter, and I actually liked snowboarding.

One morning after heavy snowfall at night

I’ve become used to cleaning the snow off my car and driving on slippery roads.

One morning I decided to walk to work

We’ve been planning to go snow sledding sometime this winter.

Turns out that I actually like snow, just not as much as the sun and beach

I come from a country full of all kinds of mountains but the city I am from (Kathmandu) doesn’t get snow at all. Snow isn’t something that I grew up with so I still find it very pretty and unique after all these years in Europe. I’ve discovered just this year that I like winter more than I thought, if there’s some good snow.

Look how pretty fresh snow is

I’ve finally learned to dress properly after living in colder parts of Europe for more than five years. I now totally understand the common saying that there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.

Somewhere in Czech Republic, near Polish border

I’ve discovered how much I love the festive atmosphere around winter, and hot mulled wine/beer even though I didn’t grow up knowing such culture.


And more than anything, I love the light at night, the bright, natural light emitted by snow.

On a walk one night, a photo boyfriend captured

Happy winter to those of you who live in Northern Hemisphere! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Winter in Lodz and appreciating the season

    1. Thank you! I actually did make a snowman outside my student apartment in Kokkola, and it looked so ridiculous haha. I think I might have a picture somewhere still. I haven’t tried making one here in Poland, but maybe this year 😀 Apparently the temperature has to be right to have the kind of snow that’s good for making snowman, hehe.

  1. Good morning, Pooja. Your pictures make me feel cold but can you believe that the cars outside were ice covered here this morning ? That’s pretty rare in Lisbon but we’re having an unusually cold winter this year. Thank God for fleece clothes and cheap Portuguese wine. Have a nice day in your snow, Pooja.

    1. Good morning, Dai. Oh wow then it is pretty cold in Lisbon too! How is your day going, Dai? It’s a lovely sunny day here today but I am inside office so can’t make much use of it. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow as well so I can go for a walk in the forest.

      1. Hi Pooja. Now we are getting cloudy days with periods of rain. I just stay at home and wrap up well. We don’t have forests here to walk in but Lisbon is well endowed with good parks.

  2. Beautiful Pictures, Pooja! I hope that you share many more in time to come. I so enjoy the snow and making a snowman is the first thing I do when I hit the snow! Snow does make me feel happy and especially love the sound of snow under foot. Lodz sure looks delightful in its winter coat! I loved to see you in the photo too. Happy Pooja!

    1. Thank you Amanda! 🙂 I actually realized this year that winter is kind of cool hehe. Maybe because we had a lot of snow, and it was finally a proper winter like they have in Scandinavia, so I’ve been enjoying it a lot 🙂

  3. Hello, Pooja,
    The winter is over (probably), now You should start to appreciate Polish spring 😉
    By the way – do You know the oldest (and probably the best) shop in Łódź, specialised in “exotic” food and spices (I am not it’s owner, only customer)? It’s at Bojowników Getta Warszawskiego street, near Franciszkańska street. The surroundings are not very beautiful (and safe), You should go with friend or two…
    Best wishes from Łódź 😉

    1. Hi Marek from Quora 😉 Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog! Hmm I put the address on google maps and I recognize that area, but I never knew about such a shop there! 😀 I will need to check it out, thanks for recommending. 🙂
      And spring in Lodz is a great idea for another blog post! I have been meaning to go to the Botanical Gardens here but maybe next weekend if it’s sunny. Wszystkiego najlepszego na swieta! 🙂

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