Reasons to love Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Tangalle was my favorite place in Sri Lanka. It had everything that I liked. Stunning beaches and laid-back vibes. We spent only two days and two nights there but if we had time, we would extend it. It was a perfect place to unwind, relax and just enjoy life, all while swimming on the hammock by the ocean breeze reading a book.

I will list out the reasons why I loved Tangalle, with some of my favorite photos from the place.

  • Laid-back vibes. The town was quiet, had fewer tourists than the other hotspots in Sri Lanka where we had been to and the whole atmosphere was just relaxed. DSCF8864
  • Friendly locals. I have written in my previous posts about our friendly encounters with the locals in Tangalle. They just seemed more genuine than the other Sri Lankans we met in the places we had been to. DSCF8937
  •   Endless stretch of gorgeous beaches. Enough said.
    Tangalle beach


  • Some more beaches. We discovered Goyambokka beach on the second day and it was such a beauty. I can only imagine how many nice beaches there are on the stunning coastline where Tangalle is located. DSCF8908
  • Surfing, turtle watching and sightseeing. We didn’t do any of those but Tangalle offers all of those. The ocean waves are good for surfing and there are beaches for turtle watch. Since the town is located on the South East of the island, it is a good base for entering inland where there are various attractions such as tea plantations, wildlife safaris, national parks and so on.  Similarly, it is also at a good location for unwinding  by the beach after the inland activities. DSCF8876

11 thoughts on “Reasons to love Tangalle, Sri Lanka

  1. Would love to go there. For me/us these days it always difficult to find the right places/ hotels which are family friendly as our little Nathan requires a lot of extras. I realized when putting in search engines “family orientated or family friendly etc” that the options go down like hell! It was so much easier when we were still without a little demon but well, you can’t have it all 🙂

    1. Imagine the fun of traveling together when Nathan grows up! 🙂 I saw many Western families on Sri Lankan beaches, but this one in Tangalle was not really child friendly I would say, because of the rougher ocean.

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