Finding Goyambokka beach in Tangalle

We had only two days in Tangalle. The first day we explored the beaches near our guesthouse and the second day after having lunch, we took a tuk-tuk and went to nearby Goyambokka beach. I was looking up on internet for nice beaches in Tangalle area, and came across Goyambokka. It was a short 10-15 minutes tuk-tuk ride from the center of Tangalle and the coastal scenery on the way was beautiful.

The main beach

We reached the beach after walking through a tiny dirt alley with tourist villas on either sides that the tuk-tuk driver showed while dropping us off. The beach was wide, beautiful and had a few tourists on it. We turned right and walked further along while passing the beach side huts and rocks and reached a little secluded beach with ample palm trees in few minutes. There were even hammocks tied to the trees and the whole beach was to ourselves! There was a shack selling drinks and food nearby and we immediately ordered some cold beers and settled in for the day because it was really love at first sight.

Being happy

The whole day was spent taking naps, reading book, swimming in the ocean, sipping fresh coconut juice, swinging on the hammock, drinking beers and relishing life. And telling my boyfriend about a hundred times how I was so glad not to be at work in snowy Poland. It was very dreamy and relaxing as you might imagine. A total of five people must have come to the beach during the whole day, and I guess they were tourists who were staying at the villas near the beach. It was really a blissful place where there was no place for worries. The natural beauty and serenity were incredible. It undoubtedly became both of our favorite beach in Sri Lanka.

Little paradise

After spending the whole day there, it was time to return back to Tangalle. We took a tuk-tuk and the driver started a conversation with us. He joked how similar skin color he had with me, showing his arm. He turned out to be quite friendly and surprised us because:

  1. He didn’t overcharge us, something that so many tuk-tuk drivers do in Sri Lanka.
  2. Suggested us not to go to Rekawa beach telling us how swarmed and noisy with tourists the beach is that disturbs the turtles and how the high entrance fees are not worth it.

Wow, a tuk-tuk driver talking truth about a major tourist hot-spot in the area. That was something new. Rekawa beach is famous for turtle watch in Tangalle area. We had initially planned to go but I  read bad reviews on the internet and we had decided to ditch it before the tuk-tuk driver spoke of similar things. We had already seen cute baby turtles just hatched from the eggs as well as the big, friendly ones who greeted people at the shore in Hikkaduwa beach.

Ultimate relaxation mood

In the evening, we walked along the wide, empty beaches once again and reached until the harbor. Many of the beaches were full of crabs running in and out of water along the waves. It was a peaceful, cool evening that was perfect for long walk on the empty beaches. We walked a lot that evening, passed the town, ate dinner at our local eatery near guesthouse and went back to the guesthouse. We were due to leave for Mirissa the other morning, but I absolutely loved Tangalle.

Gazing at the beautiful ocean

17 thoughts on “Finding Goyambokka beach in Tangalle

    1. It is beautiful 🙂 I really love ocean and beaches, so it was perfect for me. But it also has a lot of greenery, culture and wildlife activities to offer, among other things. I hope you make it there!

  1. Eek, this really does look like a little Paradise! Amazing find with hardly any tourists too! I’m very jealous that you got to see baby turtles hatching, what an awesome experience! x

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