Life isn’t as slow as I’d like it to be

Last weekend, I met a friend after a long time. I remember telling him that life is going slow for me compared to him, but today I wonder, is it really?

I have been meaning to update my travel stories from Sri Lanka and then move on to writing about the other short trips that I took to Netherlands (in March) and Georgia (at the end of April), but it hasn’t been easy. I attend Polish classes two times a week, and I recently joined Zumba lessons twice a week. I really love doing both of them. With little free time for myself during the evenings, I mostly read Quora, Wikitravel pages, sometimes strum my guitar and relax.

The weather has been very pleasant since the last few days here. Last Saturday, we had a barbeque party in a nearby park and stayed until the darkness came in between our card games. The other day we had a barbeque again at my boyfriend’s parents’ garden hut in the outskirts of the city. Whole weekend relaxing under the sun, that’s my kind of weekend.

Spring in Lodz

I took my bicycle out today and rode it to work. It had been rusting on the balcony during all these winter months. I had to fix a few things with the help of friends, before taking it out today. But I am glad I have it out now. All I need to do now is to buy batteries for its little back and front lights. Summer(or spring now) is truly a bliss. Having not to wear bulky jackets and shoes and getting to truly sit on the balcony reading a book or something are my favorite parts about it. Our balcony is redundant for at least 7 months. Or so. Lodz has introduced  a public bike system, and they have already been a hit. It is really convenient and the bicycles are in great condition in affordable renting prices. Maybe that will help lighten the traffic in Lodz a bit.

Beautiful sky

My work visa is in the process of getting extended for another 3 years and I cannot wait until it comes through, especially the resident card, because I have been dying to go to Prague. Until then, I am stuck in Poland. I shouldn’t complain though because it has only been 11 days since my last abroad trip (Georgia). Prague had captured my heart two years ago and I have been really meaning to go back. Lucky that I live only about 6 hours drive from the beautiful city. The official procedure is kind of draining me. Polish government offices are notorious for their slowness. Along with submitting all the papers for the extension, I am also in the middle of exchanging my Nepali driver’s license for Polish one, the whole process has been a pain in the ass for both my parents in Nepal and me here. I truly hate dealing with offices like these in both countries, but it’s a necessity. These procedures mean that I have to remember so many little things to do/submit, that I recently started using a planner book. I had a surprise visit from the Polish police at my home a couple of weeks ago and they asked me about a million and a five questions. Apparently they have to make sure of the person and their background before granting them a longer resident permit. By surprise interviewing them in person when they are lazying around the house in old tshirt. The only part I liked about it was I conversed 100% in Polish with them.

I am going to throw a fun party after I am done with everything (officially) and finally get my driver’s license and resident permit card. Looks like it’s going to be a while.


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