Beach hopping in Mallorca: part I

The constant, sweltering temperatures these days make me wish that I were at the sea as  it has been far too long that I’ve gone without dipping in the crystal clear sea. My last beach holiday was in Mallorca at the beginning of June, when the sea was just beginning to warm. I am now saving all my free days for a family holiday in Nepal this October. I can only look forward to the next beach adventures and blog about the ones that are just memories. We packed as many beaches as we could in our short stay in Mallorca, so I am doing  two blog posts to recount all the beach memories from Mallorca.

Beach where we scuba dived

Despite the underwhelming expectations I had in mind about Mallorca before going, it ended up becoming my favorite European island. I loved the tiny coves and beaches, the crystal clear sea, the cute Spanish villages and the incredible scenery inland. Despite its popularity, I found that Mallorca is truly a gem if you avoid the most touristy areas.

Cala Blava

After a fun scuba diving experience on the first day, Cala Blava was our first beach stop for the afternoon. I hadn’t done much planning for the trip as we were there for only three days, so we just picked out beaches from Google maps and some travel articles.

The color of the sea

Cala Blava wasn’t a bad choice, as it comprised of several beaches. Along with swimming my heart out well into the evening, I also enjoyed walking along the rocky shores and taking photos.


Port De Sa Calobra

I had doubts whether we should (boyfriend) should drive to Sa Calobra, as my internet research told me that it’s considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in Spain with its crazy twists and turns. We live in a flat city in Poland and are not used to driving in such terrain, but I didn’t let the various articles scare me and trusted my boyfriend’s driving skills – so off we went.

Stunning scenery when driving on Sa Calobra

The mountainous road, a piece of engineering masterpiece, all leading to Port De Sa Calobra, was phenomenal. There was never a dull moment and the views were absolutely magical! There wasn’t that much traffic on the road, and we had no problems reaching Port De Sa Calobra, which was a stunning beach on the bottom of the mountains.

Sa Calobra beach

The beach is set in dramatic landscapes and is gorgeous! This is also the beach where people coming in from boats first land, so we only stopped for some photos and proceeded to the other iconic beach called Torrent de Pareis.

Stunning scenery

Torrent de Pareis

Torrent de Pareis is just a short distance away from Port De Sa Calobra. There are well-placed information signs along the route and two pedestrian canals among the rocks that lead to the incredibly scenic Torrent De Pareis that is set between two giant rocks.

View from the pedestrian canal

The beach is small and pebbly, and can get extremely crowded in summer months. When we went in the morning, there weren’t that many people. The relatively remote surroundings were stunning and the sea was icy cold!


The two small beaches in Sa Calobra were beautiful, but what made it even more worthwhile was the journey through the jaw-dropping mountainous roads that lead you there.

The water looks inviting but it was very cold!

Cala de Deia

After a quick lunch stop in Soller, we were ready to discover the next beautiful beach. Based on a quick Google research, I came to know about a small, scenic beach called Cala de Deia. In about 30 minutes drive from the port city of Soller, passing through beautiful Mallorcan villages and mountainous scenery, we reached this small, undeveloped beach.

Beautiful Mallorcan countryside

It was already getting crowded as we reached there in the peak of the day, and had to struggle a bit with the parking. The beach was rocky and quite small. There were two restaurants serving fresh seafood. I loved the beach, as the rocks meant good snorkeling, although the entry into the water was a bit tricky due to the slippery rocks. We spent hours swimming there and decided to go to the city beach in Soller before heading back to our apartment in the center of the island.

Cala Deia

Our beach adventure in Mallorca continued until few hours before our departing flight to Poland. I will be blogging about the remaining beaches in my upcoming blog post.

//How are you spending your summer?




40 thoughts on “Beach hopping in Mallorca: part I

    1. I had the same impression! Even people who had visited told me that it’s very crowded and full of drunken tourists, but I think they just didn’t venture outside the tourist hotspots because I had the opposite experience. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lane! Mallorca is stunning. It was the start of the warm weather (early June) so the sea was just beginning to warm. But it wasn’t that bad at all. It was only water on the beach by the cliffs that was icy cold, due to its depth, location and the time of the day.

  1. Thanks for sharing some of your Mallorca experiences. We’ve been to the island twice (from Canada’s West Coast) and absolutely love it there! We plan to go again in the near future. The scenery is lovely, the little villages are quaint, the beaches are amazing, and the sea is spectacular (albeit VERY cold!). I’m looking forward to your next instalment(s) on Mallorca so we can relive our experiences through yours. 😊🏖

    1. Hi Cindy, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. 🙂
      That’s a long way from Canada to Mallorca I imagine. But I am sure it’s worthwhile making the long trip 🙂 I can’t wait to revisit as I absolutely loved the island but had too little time to immerse myself in the beauty and culture of the island!

  2. This post reminds me of what some people think of Bali due to its popularity. My own best friend was not keen on the idea of visiting the Indonesian island thanks to its image today as a very crowded holiday destination. But I assured him that there are parts of the island that are still relatively spared from mass tourism. Eventually he relented and agreed to go on a trip with me back in 2013. He was stunned by its beauty, the unique Balinese culture and the food. Your story and photos on Mallorca do the same thing to me as I always thought that it was a very touristy island. I didn’t expect to see towering mountain peaks, verdant valleys, and quiet beaches from this island!

    1. Hi Bama. I have the same impression of Bali! I think it had lost its appeal for me due to its popularity, but I will definitely give it a chance after you’ve made me aware that there are beautiful spots there free from mass tourism just like Mallorca. The culture factor of Bali is interesting for me, as I come from a Hindu family and have so far never known any Hindu culture except Nepali and Indian, so that would be definitely interesting for me to see and learn.
      I think I will however have to visit some of the other Indonesian islands first 😀 Mallorca is gorgeous, if you get a chance to visit, don’t let its popularity steer you away! 🙂

  3. Lovely post, beaches are of course my favorite topic so yippee 🙂 The photos are beautiful, especially like the one you are in! Your red shirt and the turquoise water really pop. And of course you look beautiful too!

  4. Well-presented Mallorca with gorgeous photos. Did You visit the town Inca? This town has the same name as my daughter has! Recently I also presented photos of her when she participated in Helsinki – Samba Carnivals. Thank You for his post

    Have a nice day!

  5. Mallorca seems to have some stunning and very picturesque beaches and is an excellent island for beach hopping! Thanks for taking me through this wonderful journey!

  6. It looks lovely, Pooja. I have never visited Mallorca, but also had similar visions of an island overrun by tourists. How nice that you were able to find some areas off the beaten path.
    Hang in there-October is approaching rapidly! 😊

    1. Hi Tanja, thanks! 🙂 I had thought exactly the same about Mallorca – but I was pleasantly surprised. There were tourists here and there on the spots we visited, but they weren’t overrun. I am really looking forward to October indeed! 🙂

  7. Very beautiful. I love beach vacation. We usually travel to other country during summer. We just come back from Madagascar on 01 August (unfortunately it was winter there and quite cold on certain part of the cities).

  8. That water looks……. STUNNING!! It is an understatement to say that one cannot feel like diving in straight. Such beautiful shorelines. I am so happy you didn’t let google deter you and went on to see the most gorgeous views! 🙂 fabulous clicks!

  9. Hi Pooja. Wow, that’s totally changed my thoughts about Mallorca. I always imagined sandy beaches packed with foreign tourists, fish & chips, beer and discos. But now I know it has a very different side. Tenerife is the same when we get away from those famous playas. Dai, yawning at 5:16 am

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