Beach hopping in Mallorca: part II

Our beach hopping continued for the day after some leisure at beautiful Cala Deia. The drive between Cala Deia and Soller was beautiful, the villages set in the mountainous landscapes enticing me the most.

Port de Soller

Since our place of stay was a tiny village in the heart of Mallorca, we decided to spend the evening at the city beach of Soller and stop at a grocery store before driving back to the village.

Tiny village in Mallorca where we stayed

The city beach of Soller was more beautiful than I expected, and the views across the water were gorgeous. We spent an hour or so playing games, lounging at the beach and taking photos. The beach was lined with numerous restaurants and bars and the vibe was lively.

View from the main beach in Soller

Torrent de Cala Pi

The next day, also the day of departure, we did a final beach marathon before heading to the airport for our outbound flight. The day was unfortunately cloudy and quite chilly, but I didn’t feel too bad about it because I am at this point used to the unpredictable weather patterns in Europe, something that I happen to encounter often in such short getaways. We packed and left our beautiful rented Mallorcan apartment, and headed to Cala Pi, a pretty beach about an hour away.

Torrent de Cala Pi

Despite the gloomy weather, the scenery on the drive was alluring, as I felt everywhere in Mallorca. Cala Pi, its name derived from the lush pine trees in the area, is set among two rocky cliffs.

Some sightseeing in the area

A few hundred steps down the stairway, and you arrive at a calm, small beach with glistening blue water. When we arrived, the lifeguards had just spotted some jellyfish and they put up a red flag due to the jellyfish. We were in no mood to take a dip due to the weather, but the beach made up for some pretty photos and sightseeing in the area, where we had some great views and photo points.

Lifeguard was rushing to some swimmers to warn them of the dangerous jellyfish and the no-swim flag they put up


Just half an hour away from the airport, Puigderros was a wide rocky beach with tremendous views. There was a rocky pool with clear water in the area, where we could see plenty of fish swimming about. It was just a shame that I couldn’t jump in with the mask because we didn’t have the time! There were also some fishermen in the area, and overall it was wide enough and had several hidden spots for sunbathers. After taking some photos and enjoying the area, we drove to the airport, and departed for Poland.

Great views in Puigderros area

Our short stay in Mallorca was a fantastic beach break and left me with lasting impressions. I am sure I’ll revisit and discover some of its more beautiful beaches 🙂

Goodbye, Mallorca!



14 thoughts on “Beach hopping in Mallorca: part II

  1. Such lovely shots, Pooja, but if I have to pick just one that second photo is my favorite. I love how those white houses/buildings sit on the beach with that majestic peak at the background. Looks like a really nice and relaxing holiday!

    1. Thank you, Bama! I love that photo too. It was the time of the day too that makes the scenery look amazing. It was a great holiday and I am lucky to live pretty close (2-3 hours by plane :P) from all these beautiful beaches in Europe.

    1. Me too! I don’t know the next time I will get to be near one. I live about 3 hours away from the sea, but the sea here in Poland is not clear, so it’s a far cry from the crystal clear waters of southern Europe 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lane! Yes most of them were relatively low key. It was the first week of June when we visited so that could also be the reason why we didn’t find these places overcrowded. I don’t like big crowds either and try to find relatively quiter places, but in a popular island such an Mallorca, you’ll always anyway share the beach with other tourists and locals.

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