Torun, Poland on a weekend

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One of the cities that tourists often overlook in Poland is Torun, the birthplace of astronomer Nicholas Copernicus and a city that’s famous for its delicious gingerbread. I had always wanted to go to Torun and finally did so this weekend. Let’s jump right into what my itinerary mostly looked like on a short trip to this beautiful, medieval city.

Wander in Old town (Stare Miasto)

The old town of Torun is small and easily walkable. The medieval town is lined with historic buildings and contains many important structures such as the Old Town Hall, leaning tower and castle ruins.

IMG_20171001_143521 (1).jpg

The old quarter is a UNESCO world heritage site and layout of the town remains mostly unchanged since the Middle Ages. It was a Sunday when we visited and there were market stalls selling traditional goods in the old town. It was lovely walking on the charming cobblestone streets of this pretty town admiring the architecture, browsing the markets and soaking in the atmosphere.

IMG_20171001_144420 (1).jpg

Climb Old Town Hall for great views

You’ll find this beautiful Gothic style town hall in the old town square. There’s a museum inside the town hall, however we skipped it and just climbed the tower. The 175 stairs leading to the top were all different in size and length, so it was quite a workout.


Once on the top, we were presented with panoramic views of the entire town, including river Vistula – the largest river in Poland and the new areas of the city. We were lucky with the most gorgeous, sunny weather so we spent quite a bit on the top admiring the views.

IMG_20171001_145324 (1)
Views from the old town hall

Bake traditional gingerbread at Gingerbread Museum

Right in historic old town of Torun, you can bake your own gingerbread at a museum dedicated to the famous gingerbreads! This is most popular with school children but adults can give it a try too. There are few, daily English tours as well, just make sure to visit the website and buy tickets for the right time in preferred language. When we went, next show was half an hour later and I didn’t want to wait so we continued further with exploring.

Gingerbread museum in Torun old town

Chill out at the riverside

Since Vistula passes by Torun, riverside cafes can be found right outside the old city walls. We sat there on the stairs with some beers and chips, and enjoyed the views across the river. There are also boat tours that you can opt for. On the other side of the river, there are parks if you’re interested in picnics and taking walks.

Riverside of Torun seen from old town

Try gingerbread beer

The last thing we did while in Torun was try out their famous gingerbread beer. We ordered a selection of five different beers, two of which were gingerbread and a Torun specialty based on sour cream.

Dark one was gingerbread beer

They were all so good and we ended up buying a pack of gingerbread beers from the pub, which was also its own brewery. Gingerbread beers are rarely found in general stores here in Poland, so it was a nice souvenir to bring back to Lodz.

Exploring Torun old town



33 thoughts on “Torun, Poland on a weekend

  1. Ah …. Torun was a city I fell in love with. And the gingerbread definitely helped, ( I made the box i bought last a whole two days!!) as well as the kramowki, and bakery treats, etc etc. I loved the carefully preserved old towns, but then, you know already that I am quite a Polish fan, especially of their architecture, don’t you?

    1. Hi Amanda. Yes, I do know that 😀 I was expecting your comment on this post 🙂 We didn’t buy any gingerbread or try any bakery for that matter, but the gingerbread beer was definitely worth trying. It is hard for me to pick a favorite old town in Poland, Amanda. All of them are so beautiful and many are carefully preserved. I’ve yet to visit the ones from Poznan and Lublin.

      1. I have been to Poznan not Lublin, buyout will look forward to reading about both at your blog. Funny that you expected my comment. You know me really well!!

  2. I definitely need to make some plans for to visit Poland again (only been to Krakow yet). Maybe this month or next 😉 Not sure if it will be that good in winter though!

  3. Lovely post! Old Towns in Poland really seem to take you through a fairytale excursion. I visited the one in Gdánsk, Poland and really recommend! Feel free to read my post on it.

  4. Cool post, haven’t really heard of Torun before but it seems very pretty. I’ve just posted an article about a short trip to Wroclaw which seems very similar, maybe you want to check it out 😉

  5. Torun is such a great city to visit. It has a beautiful town hall, a castle, a lot of funny statues and legends. We also got to learn how to make pierniki. This was the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing!

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