65 signs that you’ve lived in Poland for too long

I’ve been living in Poland for more than five years, and I’ve found that it is a country that’s either misunderstood or not much known about by foreigners. Poland is still mostly associated with the horrors of war that it endured not very long ago, but after living here for so long, I believe there’s … More 65 signs that you’ve lived in Poland for too long

Memorable culture shocks

I’ve recently started actively engaging in Quora. Quora is a site where you can ask and find answers to anything. I mean anything. It’s very interesting to me and I usually spend a few hours on the site per week answering and reading through fascinating content. Recently I answered one question, which was quite interesting, so I am … More Memorable culture shocks

Mixing up languages

It’s been exactly 4 years and three months since I first went to Finland from Nepal for undergraduate studies. In these years, I spent the first 2.5 in Finland and the rest here in Poland. I had to take compulsory Finnish language course at the polytechnic in Finland for six credits, which is for about … More Mixing up languages

Foreigner’s recount of Polish Christmas

This was my third consecutive Christmas in Poland with my boyfriend’s family and it’s about time that I wrote about it. I previously did not have much idea how Christmas was celebrated in this part of the world (or any for that matter). In Nepal,except for the few Christians, Christmas along with many other  Western festivals, … More Foreigner’s recount of Polish Christmas

Updates from Lodz

Summer, anxiety over completing thesis and graduating, traveling and devouring the foods with no second thoughts this year did a lot to my weight. I finally decided to join the gym after a gap of around 5 months, last week. I have never been this heavy and I certainly do not enjoy having to squeeze … More Updates from Lodz

Living in Poland vs living in Finland as a foreigner!

[The post below is only my honest opinion.] Although it’s not fair to compare a tiny Finnish town to a big Polish city, I am still going to write about how the general experiences have been for me in these two countries as a foreigner. 1. Looking different  I’ve finally started to jog alone in and … More Living in Poland vs living in Finland as a foreigner!