Friendly Friday: Photo walk

When I saw Snow and Amanda’s topic for their weekly photo challenge last night, I couldn’t wait to share some of these timely and on-topic photos from my yesterday’s photo walk πŸ™‚


As some of you might know, I am a fan of spring and autumn. Spring even more so in the last few years, and I am happy to announce that spring has arrived in Poland πŸ™‚ Yesterday I took a walk in one of our big parks and enjoyed some spring atmosphere.


I couldn’t yet find cherry trees as I had hoped for in the parks I visited, but I leave that for another weekend, a great excuse for exploring a new park. I wish we had one of those cherry-covered alleys like in Japan, which are all over Instagram right now.

The most delicate shade of green

The gorgeous sunsets have returned, and the daytime temperatures are in pleasant teens, making sunny days perfect for strolling along the parks.

Our most popular little animal

Recent laws in Poland have caused shops to completely close on Sundays, but one upside that I can find to this otherwise annoying situation is that it really makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors, because shopping is not possible.

I agree that blue skies make everything better

The blue wood squills in a local park are treasured and attract many residents every spring. Just like last year, I had to make my annual photo visit and enjoy the sights of blue-covered park grounds.

Spring is incomplete unless I visit the park famous for these flowers
Not just for humans πŸ™‚

//How are you enjoying spring (or autumn) in your part of the world?




12 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Photo walk

  1. Wow that looks so wonderful! We had a bit of setback over here in Finland as it started to snow again. Thank goodness not here in Southern Finland. But we are very much behind you still…

  2. Shops closing on Sundays? Is that something new? Only on the off season? There will be some disappointed tourist s I suspect. On the flip side, it does allow for more rest and family time. And visiting the outdoors- those blue flowers are so delicate and pretty.Lovely photo walk for the theme. We finally got some rain down here! So the plants are relishing Autumn.

    1. Hi Amanda. Yes, it’s a new law that was passed last year. Starting from next year, all Sundays will be closed for shops. Currently we have one Sunday per month that’s open for businesses. It’s ridiculous and I know no one who has anything to say positive about this law, but that’s how it is. Spring is so lovely! We had pleasant warm weather few weeks ago but now we are back at single digit chilly weather..

      1. Spring is hesitant! So the rationale for the change to sunday trading is for society’s benefit of perhaps keeping Sunday a day for church/rest/family? Otherwise it would be economic suicide.

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