2018 – exciting, fun and busy

2018 has been a busy but fun year for me. Most of my travels were limited to the first half of the year and the second half brought a lot of changes – changes that will keep me busy throughout 2019 as well. Among those things were getting engaged (hello wedding planning and bureaucracy), buying an apartment (hello a lot of work/moving and bureaucracy) and changing job (you guessed it..) ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loathe bureaucracy here in Poland but there’s no escaping it as an adult. Despite these big changes, I also had a lot of fun and good family time in 2018. The following are my personal highlights in terms of travel and everything in between for me in 2018..

Love the balcony view

January – Snowboarding in Polish slopes

This year I learned a bit more of snowboarding and finally managed to do it right, although I still fell over a lot of times. The winter last year was really light with not much snow so we managed to hit the slopes just a few times. I am really looking forward to more snowboarding this year, and will hopefully learn more. I love the atmosphere in the ski resorts in Poland: the winter scenery,ย  warm Polish soups and hot wine and my favorite, thermal pools!

Waking up to this majestic view of snowy peaks in southern Poland

February – Doha and India

This winter trip was special to me because I met my family from Nepal who flew over to India to meet us and we all got to travel together. We first had a fantastic time at a layover in Doha, Qatar and then an enjoyable family time in few places around India. I had always wanted to visit the major cities of India as it’s the most popular country in Nepal, and it was nice to finally see some of its major sights and cities.ย  Longing for a nice tropical break took us to the remote Andaman and Nicobar islands. It was a little underwhelming but we still had an enjoyable time. Like every year, getting away in the middle of winter from Poland to somewhere sunny was a welcome break.

Havelock, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

March – Bulgaria during Easter break

Being full-time job holders, we try to make the best of our annual leave, so three free days in Easter presented a perfect opportunity for a long weekend somewhere near. I loved exploring the coastal towns of Bulgaria and devoured a lot of fish! I’ve been really enjoying travels to Eastern Europe since a few years and Bulgaria was no exception. It was a quiet period and we couldn’t obviously get in the sea due to the temperatures, but it was anyway sunnier and warmer in Poland and that’s always great for sun-starved person like me! ๐Ÿ˜€

Still good for sunbathing

April-May – Halkidiki peninsula, Greece

We (I and fiance along with our friends) had planned to visit Panama for 10 days during May to make use of the Labour day weekend. We excitedly booked tickets on a weekend only to be later disappointed with the news from their embassy here that I as a Nepalese citizen would need a pre-approved tourist visa to visit Panama. That wasn’t a problem as I was prepared for the process but was frustrated to find out that it’d take in average three months to arrive! We had only two months until flight date so I canceled my ticket and booked a solo trip to good old Greece. Ended up having a fantastic time, only wish the sea had been warmer to swim! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I enjoyed hearing stories about Panama from fiance and our friends as they ended up having a great time in the Central American country.

Beautiful beach in Halkidiki

June – Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca was probably my favorite destination from 2018. I flew in hoping to find big hotels on its beaches and a big party crowd, but was surprised at just how beautiful the island was, outside the party areas! It was dreamy and just perfect. I loved it so much that I am sure I will return in the future.

Dreamy corners like these stole my heart in Mallorca

July-August – Scuba diving around Poland

Scuba diving has been a great new hobby for me and fiance. He is even more obsessed with it than I am so it’s really great to dive together and share the passion. We spent many summer weekends diving in cold lakes of Poland and we also got certified with a deep diver certificate and reached my record depth of 30 meters below the surface of water! ๐Ÿ™‚

Got to love the summers!ย 

There is not much to see underwater in Polish lakes but since we’re new to diving, it’s a good way to practice and upgrade our skills. Plus diving in cold, murky waters will make you appreciate and dive with ease in warm, tropical waters. I just wish Croatia was nearer to Poland so we could drive over for the weekend ๐Ÿ˜€ I look forward to more diving in summer next year as I still need to work on some of the skills like buoyancy control.

One of the lakes we dived in central Poland

September – Relaxing in Lodz

September was nothing extraordinary as I spent the month in Lodz. It was quite warm in September this year and the autumn colors started to show around the end of the month, so I enjoyed the changing scenery and weather.

An old wooden church near Lodz, venue for a colleague’s wedding

October-November – 25 days vacation in Nepal with family

I visited family in Nepal during October and November and was home in seven long years during Nepali holidays.ย  Along with spending a lot of quality family time in Kathmandu, I also visited some pretty mountain villages in Nepal on a short trek. I left Nepal when I was just 18 so there’s a lot to see in my own birth country! I was mesmerized by the mountains and plan to trek more in the future during my visits there.

Stunning view from our hotel in Nepal!ย 

December – working hard and celebrating

December was when I started the new job. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to last job as I really had a great group of colleagues there, but I had to move on to better myself professionally. My job is the same, only the company is different but it still needs some adjusting to and learning about my responsibilities. It’s been a month and I have a lot to learn.

Lovely snowy scene at one of the trendy districts full of restaurants in Lodz

The holidays have been enjoyable and I look forward to a small new year’s eve party at our place tomorrow. The view of fireworks from our balcony is great so it’s going to be fun. We’ve also started packing to move into our new apartment next month, it’s a lot of hard work. 2019 is going to be physically and mentally exhausting but I hope it’s going to be fulfilling and that we can get traveling abroad again after an expected year-long hiatus to focus financially on the apartment and our wedding costs.

I wish my readers and blogger friends a fantastic new year ahead and hope to continue updating this blog as I love blogging and interacting with other bloggers. ๐Ÿ™‚






26 thoughts on “2018 – exciting, fun and busy

  1. Excellent post, Pooja. You have an action packed life and make me wish I was young again. The last picture makes me feel cold. Is there snow in Lodz right now ? I was hoping for a white Christmas here in Lisbon but not seriously expecting one. We did get some icy cold days at only 15c though. I hadn’t realised that we needed visas for Panama. Maybe Brits don’t need them. Three months is plain ridiculous.and I bet that is only designed to make it difficult for people to apply. Today is 31st December so I hope you enjoy your get-together tonight. Lisbon has an outdoor party with fireworks but it’s a bit far for me so I will stay home and maybe have a glass or two of Spumante with whoever is here tonight Happy New Year 2019, Pooja. It’s going to be a big year for you Have you considered North Korea yet ? From Dai at 4:55 in the morning hehehe

    1. Thanks Dai. What were you doing so early? There’s no snow in Lodz at the moment, Dai. It all melted quickly. I am sure Brits don’t need a visa for Panama, it’s the same for Poles. 3 months for tourist visa is just absolutely unbelievable.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I guess it is that way because Panama is on the route of illegal immigration into US. American continent has to wait for me hehe.
      Have a great evening and a great year forward Dai!

      1. Thanks, Pooja. I’m catching up this morning because I got into quite a mess with everything. I have more work than I can handle here sometimes. No, Often. During the night two bookings arrived and three enquiries so I had to get out of my warm bed many times. I need to keep my response time high so I keep my Superhost status in AirBNB. So that’s usually the reason why I am up so early, Pooja. Now I have to write three more messages to guests who have booked. Enjoy your day, Pooja.

  2. I enjoyed re-visiting your 2018 destinations with you, Pooja. I don’t know if I missed your engagement, or simply forgot. Congratulations. I hope you and your fiance will continue to be happy with one another and enjoy preparing for your wedding and future together. And I hope you will settle into your new job and get the move over without too much stress.
    May 2019 bring you much love and happiness.
    All the best,

  3. So many big changes for you in 2018! Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding. Lots of planning ahead ๐Ÿ˜€ Looks like you had quite a few travels far and wide last year. So lovely to hear you got to spend time with your family from Nepal and got to see your birth country after so long. Hopefully some things are still as you remembered and loved them and everyone still remembered you lol. Hopefully you are now settled in your apartment and can look forward to a great year ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Pooja, you have had such an action-packed year! Gotta love that. One day you will look back and wonder, how on earth did we manage to do so much? I keep thinking that every time I look back at a particular year when we were constantly on the move. The very dynamic nature of it making you feel that you are constantly evolving.
    My brother and his family just holidayed in the Andaman & Nicobar islands. First of all, to go with the usual farce of renaming places, the Indian government has come up with strange names for the islands (trust it to do zilch about the things that really matter in the country). From what my brother told me it seems there is not much development there, which can add to the charm of a place, but can also detract from it if you are used to more. Is that what left you underwhelmed?
    And girl, I love your spirit that you did not cheat yourself of the opportunity of travel and just went ahead for a solo trip to Greece. I raise my glass to you. xx

    1. It was actually the rules (no swimming after sunset for example) that left me feeling underwhelmed. Most of the beaches we explored were not good for snorkeling (which we love) either and on the first day we had a bad experience with the police there almost arresting my fiance for flying a drone, which we didn’t know was absolutely banned there. Still good memories to think about and those islands are really beautiful and rugged ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah thanks, I loved my solo Greece trip! My own agenda, and a lot of reading and listening to music, what more could anyone want xx Hope you had a fabulous 2018 too and are off to a great start this year ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by, Dippy!

      1. No swimming after sunset? That is indeed strange. I am sorry to hear that it was all such a bummer, especially since you are into snorkelling. Did they not have advisories against flying drones for tourists? That is rather strange!
        I do want to see them but there is so much on our list…
        Thank you for the kind wishes, lovely! It has been a good start. And now here we are in February already! To an interesting February then. xx

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