Singapore in three days

I had to see it with my own eyes last May to believe that Singapore’s world-famous reputation for cleanliness and modernity was really true. The small city-state was our second destination on the family tour last May. We went to Singapore by a 5 hour coach ride from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Gardens by the Bay

We only spent short three days there – but spent most of the times outdoors, making use of its fantastic public transportation. My first impressions were based on what I saw on the outside – which was undoubtedly how clean and modern it was. Besides that, the extensive greenery in the city was also impressive. I was so thankful for the greenery and parks especially when strolling around in the tropical heat.


We stayed in a nice neighborhood some 10-15 minutes away from the center. It was pleasant just walking around – as there were plenty of restaurants to enjoy, shopping centers, and even a Buddhist temple right around the corner.

Using Singapore’s public transportation

On the first evening we went to the Marina Bay area, which is also Singapore’s downtown and enjoyed its modern architecture in the cool evening. A band played some classic rock while locals and tourists soaked in the atmosphere.

Marina Bay complex

The city was soon after illuminated with lights in the evening and I liked how it came more alive. Our night ended with a delicious Indian dinner at colorful India town. Singapore, just like Malaysia, is a multicultural state. Singaporeans with Chinese ethnicity form the majority of its population, those of Malaysian and Indian ethnicity make up a sizable number, while Eurasians also make up a small percentage of the population.

Dazzling night view

Singapore started from a poor fishing village to what it is today – a modern, advanced and stable economy. All of that happened within few decades, most of it under the extraordinary leadership of former prime minister and Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew.


Singapore often features in the empty promises of Nepalese political leaders before election time. How they will turn Nepal like Singapore when they get elected. It was personally interesting for me to visit a country that is apparently looked up to by many Nepalese and its politicians.

Gardens by the bay at night

The impeccable roads, shiny shopping malls and its modern skyline are all stark reminders of how far Singapore has come, solving many obstacles along the way. Nepal surely has a long, long way to go to come even close.

Singapore’s downtown

I didn’t really feel the need to visit one of its more popular entertainment centers like Sentosa island. We just walked around various neighborhoods, hopped on and off its subway system to reach places and tried to get the local feel of the city. We also struck up short talks with locals while wandering, and found them to be friendly and helpful. We were commented about the big presence of Nepali soldiers (also known as “Gurkha”) in Singapore by a few people. Singapore is indeed a melting pot of cultures and nationalities from around the globe.

Lion mermaid – Singapore’s well-known icon

It was time to return to Kuala Lumpur and head off to Perhentian Islands to relax after an intensive three day exploring of Singapore, and all of us returned with lasting impressions of the country.





50 thoughts on “Singapore in three days

  1. It’s so cool that it’s so international there. Was it very expensive? I’ve heard that as well as being the most clean, it also is one of the most expensive Asian cities to travel to.

    1. It was actually quite expensive – we paid about 12 SGD at the Indian restaurant we had dinner in. At other places like food courts, I had quick lunch for about 5-6 SGD. It’s certainly nowhere as cheap as its neighbors. Based on what I paid for subway tickets, taxi, accommodation and groceries, I’d say the prices are like in Western Europe.

    1. Ha, if your not into hanging around shopping malls and drinking loads of coffee then I completely understand. To find a bit of real culture one has to head for the Sims Road area.

  2. Your post of Singapore reminded me of when I lived there for seven years growing up, and also the numerous times I traveled there over the years. It is amazing how clean the place is as you said. Wherever you look, it is hard to find a piece of rubbish anywhere. Even the dustbins are rarely overflowing, which here in Australia there are so many overflowing rubbish bins in the city. Also the public transport in Singapore is certainly amazing. Even when it’s peak hour, the buses and trains tend to be air-conditioned and run more or less on time.

    Shopping malls are literally everywhere and so popular with many locals – a good way to escape the hot and humid weather. When I lived there, my friends were always keen on hanging out in shopping malls to keep cool. I remember my friends were of a good mix, of Chinese, Malay and Indian descent and we always found something to do together in the shopping centres – be it trying good food, playing arcade games or just window shopping πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for a great comment, Mabel. The cleanliness was what impressed me the most – I’ve been to some clean countries in Europe (Finland, Denmark, Norway etc), but I felt that Singapore was even better in that issue. Especially impressive for a metro city that has such a dense population.
      I noticed a lot of shops in the malls were high-end in Singapore, but maybe I just wan’t in the right malls? Do Singaporeans really only shop such branded stuff? πŸ™‚ Sounds like you had fun seven years in Singapore!

      1. A lot of malls in Singapore do stock high end branded stuff. Usually there is a floor in many malls where it’s more middle market targeted. Generally shopping centres further away from the city and the smaller ones are more affordable πŸ™‚

  3. I’m travelling here for a week in April! Any advice or tips on things I should definitely visit or see?
    P. S, it would mean the world if you checked out my blog, just a freshmen at this right now!

  4. Singapore is amazing! I’ve never seen such a clean place in my life. I agree with you on not needing needing to see Sentosa, I went and spent a whole day there but wish I would’ve explored the mainland instead. Super touristy and so expensive. Hope you had a good trip πŸ™‚

    1. It indeed is! The cleanliness and orderliness were really impressive. Ah I am glad to hear that – usually most people ask me whether I went to Sentosa island when I talk about Singapore hehe. I had a great trip! And hopefully you did too. πŸ™‚

  5. Singapore is the best place to visit in the World. Because Singapore is a small island but the best manageable City. There is no corruption in this city. Very Clean and neat city worldwide. The Changi Airport is no.1 Airport in the world constitutive last 3 Years. I love Singapore very much. Lots of budget hostels in Singapore. I travelled a lot in Singapore by MRT. Singapore MART is the best way to tour of each station and go inside and inside very best.

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