Last year’s autumn in Lodz, Poland

With the start of chilly mornings and evenings and rainy days, it feels like autumn has already arrived in Poland. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It’s the cool air, and the colors of the nature, and the fresh start, and just the coziness. Nepal’s biggest festival is also celebrated during autumn, so cooler days with blue skies make me nostalgic for childhood and festive mood.

In Finland in the past and Poland where I’m living now, autumns are even more vibrant. Β Last year, we had just few days of sunny, clear weather in autumn and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t be the case this year.

The start of the season was beautiful. This photo was taken while on a trip from work. It was a beautiful early autumn weekend.


The days were mostly gloomy but the colors added joy to my mood.

Walking in a nearby park

There were few nice days too.


The kind of days that were perfect to soak up the autumn atmosphere..


To marvel at its brilliant colors..



To find the mischievous squirrels and feed them..


To enjoy walks around the neighborhood..


Then it was bidding the season goodbye with the arrival of first snow.

There’s a forest right in the city of Lodz, and this photo is from there

I hope you’re enjoying this time of the year wherever you are. Here’s to hoping for a beautiful autumn in this part of the world! πŸ™‚

//What’s your favorite time of the year and what do you like about it?

38 thoughts on “Last year’s autumn in Lodz, Poland

  1. Hi Pooja. Some lovely pictures there. My house plant knows that it’s autumn and many leaves are turning yellow. This morning is freezing here in Lisbon and we have only 20c at 9:45 am. Yesterday evening I had to wear a warm jacket and I loved that. I’m happy that summer is gradually leaving us and I can move about without sweating. So what are you doing right now, Pooja? I have to go out to the tax office and to Lidl for some urgent things. I don’t mind so much now that it’s much cooler.

      1. Glad I’m not working, Pooja. Yes, 20c is perfect for me. My ideal high is 23c to 24c. We should get 28 to 29c today. The hot soup sounds good. We’ve nothing ready here and I won’t have any time to cook today. I’ll survive on cheese and tomato sandwiches and hopefully I’ll be able to cook some dalbhat tomorrow. Shame that dalbhat and chicken curry takes so much time to prepare because I could eat that forever. I think that somebody needs to tell all these spell checkers that dalbhat is a real word haha. I hope your day passes well, Pooja.

      2. Haha I second you Dai! Nepali food takes so much time to prepare but it’s so good. I am actually cooking dalbhat, chicken curry, potato pickle and zucchini today in the evening. A proper Nepali meal after ages!! I can’t wait hehe.

      1. This year I will get to see the autumn in Japan so i am very excited *^* you were lucky to be able to see when u were a child πŸ˜‰

      1. Are the textile industries still there? I am glad travellers have introduced a lighter note to the overall atmosphere of Lodz which must have been grey as you say. I would love to read more on it πŸ™‚

  2. Such lovely colors ❀️ My favorite time of year is summer because I love warm weather! Too bad Finnish summer was so chilly this year. However, it was super warm in Krakow when I visited last week ❀️❀️

  3. I have yet to experience a proper Autumn with all the changing colors. So it is so delightful to see the Photos you posted. I imagine the warm earthy colors are excellent if the sky is gray. Maybe one day I will return to Poland. I will have to retire first perhaps.

    1. It is a wonderful time of the year indeed. It also rains a lot in Poland during autumn though, so we only get few days of gorgeous, cool sunny days with all the amazing colors coming fully alive. Shame Europe in general is such a long way from Australia!

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