Top things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania

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There are just a few cities in Europe that have left a lasting impression on me. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and one of the least visited European capitals, was one of them. I cannot tell why exactly, but I think it’s because Lithuania felt like an isolated country and I had this feeling of being far away in an exotic place that few people know about. I visited three years ago and I haven’t been able to forget how much I enjoyed this Baltic city.

P1130397 — kopia.jpg
Streets of Vilnius

We visited in late October but the weather had already dropped to as low as -8 degrees. On the first evening, we tried to explore the neighborhood where we stayed at, but it was too cold! We hadn’t packed appropriately (I’d never do that today after 5.5 years in Europe 😉 ) and we layered every single piece of clothing we had but they were still not enough. Today I am sharing a list of suggested activities to do in Vilnius based on my own experience.

Visit Old Town

It goes without saying that old towns in European cities are not to be missed. Enter through the Gate of Dawn and start your tour of the UNESCO world heritage site. Notable sites include Vilnius Cathedral, bell tower that stands right next to the cathedral, Vilnius castle complex that has three castles (Upper, Lower and Crooked Castles), St. Anne’s Church, Town Hall and the old town square, among others.

Vilnius cathedral and bell tower

You’ll love seeing these historical buildings that have existed in Old Town since the Middle Ages. Vilnius is a multi-cultural city inhabited by Lithuanians, Germans, Russians and Jews, and we could see this in the synagogues and Orthodox churches in Old Town.

Gorgeous St Anne’s church, one of the most unique church architecture I’ve seen

I also recommend seeing the flag-raising ceremony at the presidential palace, a short and solemn ceremony where you’ll get to see medieval guards in their 14th century uniforms as well.

Flag changing ceremony in Vilnius

Go to a ‘country’ inside a city, Uzupis Republic

Artistic and Bohemian district of Vilnius, this self-proclaimed republic has its own constitution, president, anthem and flag. It is where you’ll find the hippest festivals in summer, see street art and meet dreamers.

P1130386 — kopia
Entrance to the self-proclaimed country within country, Uzupis Republic

Right across the Vilnia river, the entrance to this district is through Uzupis bridge where you’ll see padlocks left by lovers, and a mermaid statue on one of the river banks.  It was very cold and quiet when we went, so we only strolled around. Enter the cozy cafes, visit the oldest cemetery in Vilnius ‘Bernardine’ and see the art gallery right near entrance.

Under the guardian angel statue of Uzupis

Uzupis Republic is a must for artistic and creative souls!

Climb the Castle Hill for panoramic views

Near the cathedral, you will see Gediminas Castle Tower on a hill, which is the remaining part of Upper Castle. You can take a funicular or walk up. Inside the tower is a museum that displays archaeological findings from the area and models of Vilnius castles from 14th-17th century. The tower, where the Lithuanian flag was first raised during independence movement from the occupying Soviet Union in 1988, is of historical importance to the country.

Gediminas Tower on castle hill. Image from

We walked up and enjoyed lovely panoramic views of the old town and the newer part of the city. In fact we liked it so much that we returned in the evening for a sunset view from the city and sure enough, old town looked magical under orange sky.

View of old town from the hill

Stroll around Bernardine Gardens

This public park is located right at the heart of Vilnius, beside Vilnia river. If you need some tranquility, go to this green park that’s located in old town and enjoy the fountains and gardens. Bernardine spans over 9 hectars in area and even has special sections like monastery exposition, botanic exposition and a recreational area.

We just walked along the river, enjoyed beautiful autumn scenery and fed the ducks. Depending on the time you want to visit, it’s a good idea to check if any events or festivals are taking place in the gardens as well.

P1130375 — kopia.jpg
Grass is still green but the temperature was in minus

Visit Trakai Castle

Trakai is only a half an hour bus ride away from Vilnius bus station. This historic town is most known for its beautiful castle built on an island on a lake.

P1130177 — kopia — kopia
Trakai castle in a serene lake setting

We went inside the castle complex and learned about the incredible history of Lithuania, that also included Lithuanian-Polish commonwealth. The castle complex was extensive, perhaps we could have used a guide.

P1130191 — kopia.jpg
Welcome to Trakai castle!

The town has colorful wooden houses, seeing what took me back to my student years in a small town in Finland.

Colorful wooden houses of Trakai

We lazily walked around the town, browsed through souvenir stalls and enjoyed unique Trakai specialty called Kibinai, stuffed pastries with onion and meat filling. It was an extremely pleasant day and I loved visiting this lovely, laid-back town. Don’t forget to take a camera! 🙂

Go hot-air ballooning over Vilnius!

Perhaps the most fun activity on this list, riding on a hot air balloon in Vilnius to enjoy the city views is a great option too. Hot-air ballooning is a popular hobby (and so is basketball 😛 ) in Lithuania and going on a hot air balloon ride above Vilnius is one of the more unique ways of experiencing this beautiful city.

A fun way to see Vilnius. Image from

There are a number of companies organizing hot-air balloon tours in Vilnius and considering what an affordable destination Lithuania is, this activity is a real possibility for all kinds of travelers who are looking for a bit more fun.

//Have you ever been to Vilnius or would you like to visit? 







38 thoughts on “Top things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania

    1. Hi Dai. Long time. I had left a comment under your latest blog post a while ago, but it shows me that the comment isn’t moderated yet. Oh are you having serious problems with your eyes, Dai? Take care 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot for stopping by.. hope to read alot more from you and exchange a lot of ideas and thoughts..

  1. My goodness, you can almost feel the cold from these photos!! I’ve been to Vilnius one summer but for some reason I didn’t warm to the city. Maybe a revisit is in place 🤗

    1. I totally understand, Vilnius doesn’t really hold any charm I think but I ended up loving it. I am actually a bit wary of going back as I might not get the same feelings like I did the first time. 🙂

  2. I would love to explore Vilnius. I was planning to go there, but ended up in Talliin instead! Thanks for showing me a little of Vilnius. I love the name: Crooked Castle.

      1. I was seriously considering Riga, (and Vilnius) but ended up in Talliin, and I am so happy I did. I loved it. However, Riga is also beautiful from what I see on the net, especially with the historic quarter, which is really mostly what I love about the old European cities. What is it that you like best about them, Pooja?

      2. Maybe Riga and Vilnius next time you’re in Europe? 🙂
        It’s the old towns too that I love the most about European cities. So much history and culture and beautiful architecture. Usually they’re the most beautiful parts of the city too!

  3. I must admit that I’m more familiar with images of Riga than Vilnius. From your photos I can tell that the Lithuanian capital certainly has its own charm. I’m really curious about Uzupis Republic though. Was it similar with Copenhagen’s Christiania? Thanks for this write up about Vilnius. It’ll come really handy should I get the chance to go there one day.

    1. Yes you’re right! It’s similar to Christiania, only that Uzupis is bigger and I didn’t see or feel the smell of any marijuana in the air 🙂 Riga is another Baltic capital that I really want to visit one day. These countries aren’t so popular but are quite interesting! Thanks for stopping by, Bama 🙂

  4. This really makes me want to go! I started getting interested in Lithuania a while back. Then my mother’s told me that her maternal grandmother was from Lithuania (she might have just had one Lithuanian parent). Mystery solved. One day I’ll most definitely check it out.

      1. Yeah. It’s this magical, mystical landmass that may or may not exist. 😉 I started saying that about Sweden 3-4 years ago, because even though I was based in Finland I’ve never been.

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