Beach hopping near Chania, Greece

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Summer is officially here for most of us, so what better time to post about my visit to a gorgeous Greek island than now? A short trip to Crete in October last year was my way of clinging onto summer for a bit longer when it was already starting to get v̶e̶r̶y̶ cold in Poland 😉

Crete is the biggest island in Greece that lies on the Southern part of the country. Before booking the flight tickets, I looked up the weather averages for the island and was excited to find out that swimming was possible until the end of October. Although September is considered one of the best months to visit Greece in general, early October is not a bad idea either.

The first thing we did after we landed at Chania airport was renting a car which was very convenient and necessary to make most of our few days there. The apartment we rented was very nice and the hosts gave us a warm welcome too. No Greek person I’ve met so far hasn’t been friendly.

Balos beach

I’ve to say that the gorgeous photos of wild Balos beach I found on the internet were what precisely convinced me to get to Crete as soon as possible. It looked unreal and I had been dreaming for months about it, so I was pretty excited to make a trip to Balos on our first morning there. The last part of the drive leading to Balos was interesting as we had to drive through unpaved dirt roads on mountains with no roadside barriers! It was a bit nerve-wracking for me as a passenger but views like these made up for it:

Mountain goats enjoying the view

The views were incredibly breathtaking. From the parking spot, we had to hike for about half an hour down the hills to reach this exotic beach. I was in love with the desert landscape.

IMG_20161008_112352 (1)
Pink traces of sand at Balos beach

It was actually cloudy when we got there which means the view of wild Balos beach wasn’t as I had pictured it to be. There was no way I was leaving without seeing the splendid turquoise water, and the weather had predicted partly cloudy, so we decided to wait it out for around 3 hours after which the sun finally appeared and instantly beautified everything! The lagoon around Balos beach is shallow and calm, so it’s ideal for swimming.

Balos lagoon seen from the top

Elafonissi Beach

The next beach we drove to was perhaps the most well known beach of the entire island: Elafonissi beach. This wide beach is famous for pink sand at certain times of the year. When we went there, we could spot some pink on the sand but it wasn’t that vivid. The beach is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful in Europe and we could see why!

Calm sea and beautiful surroundings

Its surroundings were gorgeous, the sea was gorgeous and there were restaurants and amenities. What I liked the most was how big it was, as it extended for miles and miles and all sections were unique and equally stunning! Do not give this beach a miss if you find yourself in Crete.

Ravdoucha Beach

On the second morning, we drove to Ravdoucha beach for some snorkeling. We had to drive about 35 kms from our rented apartment in Kissamos to reach this lovely pebbly beach on a fine autumn morning. We had the whole beach to ourselves until about mid day.

Snorkeling at Ravdoucha beach

The snorkeling was good but nothing extraordinary. There was also a little rock pool which was a good spot for just lazing in the water. After spending few glorious hours there swimming, snorkeling, playing beach ball, we went for lunch to the only restaurant overlooking the beach. A scrumptious Greek lunch that filled our stomachs and hearts, it was a perfect end to our little snorkeling trip. Next up was Falassarna!

All the fresh fish I could eat

Falassarna Beach

A pleasant drive through Cretan landscapes, island villages and white churches shining against blue skies led us to the famous Falassarna beach on the west coast of Crete. The beach is famous for its wide stretch of sand, waves and wind, which also attracts windsurfers to the area.

Driving around Crete

We played for hours that late afternoon on the waves and later enjoyed some beach ball. The beach was big and didn’t feel crowded at all. Nearby were beautiful Cretan mountains that we enjoyed gazing at.

Fun with waves at Falassarna

We stayed until sunset and it was quite memorable seeing the sun go down the sea right from the beach. This beach is good for parties, water sports and sunbathing.

Seitan Limania Beach

We had one last day in Crete before departing for Poland later that evening. We packed and left early as we planned to spend few hours at a wild beach called Seitan Limania not too far from the airport. We drove down a crazy hill on a road with no roadside barriers and parked at a picturesque point overlooking the gorgeous beach. We hiked down the hill, which was more adventurous than we thought. While doing so, we also spotted some wild mountain goats on the other hill.

Beach from the dreams

Once we reached the beach , we were stunned by its magical beauty. The narrow stretch of water coming from open sea to the beach was very clear, turquoise and deep. It was surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs, making it a perfect place for jumping. This was my personal favorite beach in Crete and what I loved the most was its wild location and the crystal clear water.

Can you believe the color of water?

Chania Town and driving around

For the second half of the day, we went to Chania town, checked out the markets and lighthouse near the venetian port. Ample culture and history were evident in the lovely city center. The port was pretty and buzzing with people and activities. We also found a small restaurant serving delicious Greek souvlakis in the city which we really enjoyed.

Some more beach sightseeing

We then drove around the villages near the airport enjoying peaceful island scenery, checking out some more beaches and just having a really good time.

Cute restaurant in Chania town

Overall, I really liked our short trip to Crete, especially how we visited many varied beaches on the island. I fell in love with both nature and culture of Crete during those three short days and long to go back again to explore more of this beautiful Greek island.





25 thoughts on “Beach hopping near Chania, Greece

  1. Wow Greece is still as beautiful as in summer even in October :O the beaches you showed are impossibly beautiful, I especially liked Seitan Limania Beach ❤

  2. Haha, don’t blame you for going to Greece to enjoy a bit of summer more 😀 Those beaches looks amazing. The sky and water both look so fresh and magical. Love that turquoise blue colour and it’s the kind of beach and weather that every summer lover dreams off. The fish also looks like such a scrumptious meal. It’s the kind of food I like in the summer – fresh and fried, what a treat 😀 Snorkeling is not my thing since I do not like the water but I absolutely love walking in soft sand 🙂

    1. You are so right! Greek islands are summer lovers’ dream! 🙂 Walking on soft sand is indeed so dreamy, peaceful and relaxing 🙂 Love it too! Cannot wait to be near beach again soon. But unfortunately water in Poland is nowhere suitable for snorkeling(which I love), just the beach will have to do :/

      1. Summer lover’s dream. What a pleasant place 🙂 For a long time I couldn’t find soft sand until I visited a popular beach here in Australia. Hope the sand in Poland is also soft and dreamy and feels good in between your toes 🙂

  3. I could sure get my teeth stuck into those fried fish, Pooja. It’s already Wednesday here in Lisbon and I can’t believe how the time has passed this week. Today and possibly tomorrow I am stuck at home because Kumar’s new printer/scanner will be delivered. I don’t really mind because the sun is always so hot outside. What are you doing this morning, Pooja ?

    1. Hi Dai. It’s been hot here as well since yesterday.. It’s about 30 degrees and tiring to be outside. I feel the same about this week. that it has passed fast! I am here at work, a little bit of working and a little bit of social media hehe.

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