Perfect tropical island retreat near Port Barton

During our trip to the Philippines in February, we enjoyed two days of perfect tropical paradise on an island in Port Barton where life’s worries disappeared. After all the activities in El Nido and traveling between places in Palawan, I wanted our last two days of the trip to be of complete relaxation.

Aren’t palm trees so refreshing? 😉

Before going to Port Barton, I decided to do a research on what would fit our needs and I came across an adventurous campsite called Palawan Camping with very good reviews on Tripadvisor. I was fortunately able to book two nights in this place where the limited number of tents apparently fill up fast.

Beautiful sea at the camping

When we arrived at Port Barton from El Nido on a crowded van, the camp boat on the the main beach, not too far from the bus stop, was ready to pick us up. The 1 hour boat ride took us through calm, blue waters with the views of surrounding green hills, some incredible sandbars on the blue sea and distant villages. When we arrived at the campsite, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A few steps away from our tent

The campsite was on a private island, with the big tents located right on the beach. We were awestruck by how postcard like the place was and spent a good half an hour just looking around, before even unpacking.

Enjoying the view

Since it was a secluded island, all meals were included in the very reasonable price of accommodation. The tents themselves were actually quite big, and you could stand inside with no problems. It came with a cozy bed, and a big bamboo shed complete with a bamboo hammock, chairs and tables right in front of it. The area was incredibly well-maintained and little decorations and details (think of a giant seashell for a sink 😉 ) made it even more lovely.

A wide stretch of stunning beach shared by just 14 people, hardly at the same time!

The beach right in front of our tent was fringed with the most gorgeous palm trees. There was no cellphone reception on the island or electricity so the beach and sea were what we enjoyed from morning till evening! Neither of us had stayed in a place as gorgeous (yet simple) as that before.

The island with tents where we stayed

Kayaks and paddle boards were available to use, so we took advantage of them. I tried kayaking alone on the first day, but boy was it hard. The sea was not perfectly calm as it was late afternoon, so I tripped over a few times. I soon gave up and concentrated on just swimming and sunbathing. Stasiek tried stand up paddle boarding and fell over a few times too 😀 He soon started getting the hang of it, but for me both kayak and paddle boards were a little too much to handle by myself!

Exploring nearby beaches  on a kayak

In the evening, we had views of gorgeous sunset colors. Few campers on the island would hang out at the bar and dining area in the evenings. We were served delicious Filipino buffet style dinner comprising of fresh seafood, chicken/pork, veggies, rice and tropical fruits every evening. They also lit a fire and it made watching stars so romantic! We had a weak solar lamp at our disposal inside the tent for night, but we didn’t really need or use it. Sleeping to the sound of sea waves was a new thing for me, I couldn’t help but think how disconnected we seemed to be from everything and everyone. I do love beaches and the water, but I just couldn’t sleep well at night due to the sound of relentless waves :/

Green waters on the other side of the island, photo taken from kayak

Waking up to the sound of waves and sunrise over the beach however was absolutely magical. The second day we kayaked around the island, and explored some deserted beaches in the area. Ah it was so blissful! 🙂 That is really my definition of a perfect holiday: some adventure on clear and blue tropical waters! Kayaking on open sea was a bit different than doing so on a river or a lake, we had to fight the waves at one point for a stretch of about half an hour, but it was really fun rocking on the waves while kayaking! :p

A nearby deserted island where we kayaked to

There was also a small cave near our island that had hundreds of mini bats! Stasiek was fascinated by them, so we kayaked near the entrance of the cave to investigate. The smell was foul but hundreds of small bats were a sight to behold! Unfortunately we couldn’t capture it well with the GoPro.

What a dreamy place

The quiet time in Port Barton at a secluded island sleeping on basic tents was a perfect finish to our incredible adventure in the Philippines! I am not sponsored by Palawan Camping to write this or anything but I’d encourage everyone who like serenity, gorgeous beaches and doesn’t mind going back to basics a bit to try out Palawan Camping in Port Barton.

The last morning when leaving

// What’s your definition of a perfect holiday? 


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