Five travel article apps available on GPSMyCity

Hi everyone. Few more of my travel posts have been converted to travel apps and published on GPSmyCity!  GPSmyCity are dedicated to developing self-guided walking tours for multiple cities across the world. Being a travel enthusiast myself who likes exploring places on foot, I thought of contributing some of my blog articles towards a great concept.

How are GPSMyCity travel apps useful?

One big advantage of travel article apps is that you can read the travel articles offline. This means that you simply download the travel articles to your phone free of charge and read it wherever you want without any internet. GPSmyCity is however more than that. They also give you the option of using travel articles with embedded map to the sights that you can use offline! For a paid (small fee) upgrade, you get access to the offline map in the article that will guide you to the points of interest.

I know that is something really useful when you’re traveling in a new country without mobile internet. These apps save you a lot of time and money with travel tips, interesting travel stories from experienced travel bloggers and an exact travel route on the offline map to sights and hidden gems of any city you select. All this means that you can organize your own tour in your own time with the help of these apps installed on your Android or iOS for a fraction of the cost of guided tours and hop-on/hop-off buses.

My travel articles featured on GPSMyCity

I’m happy to announce that five more of my travel articles from the blog launched as apps on GPSMyCity. You can download them for free and use them if you’re traveling to those places. For downloading, just click on the following links that will first take you to GPSmyCity app page, after installing which you can download my articles to your iOS.

adp_banner                                                                       Source:

Happy travels everyone! 🙂

Note: If you upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles, I will receive a few cents which will help me with the upkeep of this blog! 


13 thoughts on “Five travel article apps available on GPSMyCity

  1. Hi Pooja. Just read this blog and sorry to say that I don’t use a Smart Phone so I have no apps. It’s my age I guess. Pooja, I hope you are having a nice week. Best wishes from Dai

    1. Hi Dai. No problems, Dai. Now I find it impossible to think about my life without a smartphone, but just 10 years ago I was doing just fine without it, so it’s funny hehe. It’s a lovely almost-spring day here today, Dai. I wish it were sunny until summer everyday.. Ah but even until the end of the week is a miracle here. Just came back to work from a nice Japanese lunch, Dai. Hope you’re having a good day! 🙂

      1. Thanks, I am, Pooja. Nothing special but I am busy running between the kitchen and my bedroom. Cooking fish lunch and checking emails at the same time. Here it’s a freezing 17c and partially cloudy. Bad weather for Lisbon. I’m really not interested in having a smartphone in case I get addicted and spend my days looking at it. I always get amused taking the metro here and almost everybody is staring at their phone.

    1. There are options: you can either upload them, or the guys at GPSMycCity do everything for you, that is they look through your blog and pick articles which they find suitable for conversion and ask you for permission. I do both. 🙂

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