Exploring Ljubljana on one hot, summer day

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Ljubljana is one of the coolest capital cities I’ve been to in Europe. It is green, charming and has such a fun name! 😉 It is not a world-famous city and doesn’t have any must-visit attractions, but maybe that’s exactly why I loved the city! Our stop in Ljubljana was a part of the motorcycle tour last summer. We only had about a day in Slovenia which we spent visiting Ljubljana, nearby Lake Bled and driving by the rest of the country leading to Austria.

Old town streets in Ljubljana

This small Slovenian capital that still seems to be off tourist radars, took me by surprise as I found it to be more charming than I had expected. Today I am sharing some of the sights we visited in Ljubljana in a day.

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is one of the more famous bridges above Ljubljanica river. You’ll find the concrete bridge near Ljubljana old town. The main attraction of the bridge are the four dragon statues at its four corners.

One of the dragon statues. Photo source: pixabay.com

The bridge was built on 20th century when the city was a part of Austro-Hungarian empire. Dragon Bridge is a well-known landmark of Ljubljana and you’ll see many souvenirs portraying dragons in gift/souvenir shops. In fact I bought a wooden fridge magnet in the shape of a dragon as a souvenir from Slovenia. 😀

Triple Bridge

These three bridges are other well-known landmarks of Ljubljana. It’s a group of three cute bridges located next to one another that stand above green Ljubljanica river.They are in a very central location of Ljubljana and hard to miss.

Franciscan church on the background

The group of bridges connect the historical part of Ljubljana on one bank and the more modern part of city on the other. The beautiful Franciscan church, another important old town landmark, stands proudly on one side of the bridges. I really liked how cool the bridges looked, and I’ve heard that it looks even better at night due to glowing lights. 🙂

Cobbler’s bridge

Another pretty bridge in Ljubljana, this bridge got its name as it provided space for cobblers’ workshops a long while ago. It’s one of the oldest bridges in Ljubljana that first was a wooden bridge and now has transformed to the concrete structure featuring tall, different sized pillars. It is located in a relatively quieter part of Ljubljana from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings.  You can consider an hour-long boat tour to enjoy all the iconic bridges as well as other views of Ljubljana.

Cobbler’s bridge. Photo source: pixabay.com

Old Town

The old town of Ljubljana when we visited was very lively. It was a hot summer day and the city was buzzing with visitors and locals. The old town is located between Ljubljana castle and Ljubljanca river and has two main squares. We also visited an open market on the area and enjoyed checking it out.

Open market in old town

The old town is lined with well preserved historical buildings where you will find many restaurants and shops. Main points of interest in the area are Ljubljana cathedral (one of the most colorful interiors I’ve seen in a church), Robba fountain, Town Hall and Ljubljana castle.

View of the river from one of the bridges

Ljubljana Castle

Located atop a hill like in most European cities, this castle is possibly the most well-known tourist attraction in Ljubljana. There is a funicular you can use to go to the top – which we used. This historic structure has evolved from a medieval fortress to a residential complex to a cultural venue it is today.

Courtyard of Ljubljana castle

The castle complex features a courtyard, chapel and a notable tower from which you can enjoy spectacular views of Ljubljana. Due to the lack of time, we unfortunately didn’t go inside the castle but enjoyed panoramic views of the city from a roof top near the entrance to the castle.

Summer view of pretty Ljubljana

Drinking/eating at one of the riverside restaurants

The riversides in Ljubljanca are vibrant and there are plenty of eating/drinking/shopping options. Ljubljanca’s banks near old town are lined with trees and the city overall is compact and very clean, making it ideal for visitors to explore on foot.  We chose a bar near Butcher’s Bridge that connects the central market and Petvosek embankment. Enjoying cold Slovenian beers outdoors on a hot day like that (with motorcycle gear!) was just the perfect way to end our fun sightseeing trip in Ljubljana.

Butcher’s bridge in Ljubljana

Ljublljana is a beautiful city that is lively and unique. Our short time in this city full of interesting bridges was unforgettable and I hope I can go back one day to explore more of the city and country.

24 thoughts on “Exploring Ljubljana on one hot, summer day

  1. You’ve been to so many places that I haven’t, Pooja. And soon you’ll be in Palawan which has been on my bucket list for years. Great blog again, Pooja. Well all your blogs are really interesting for me. Lots of good wishes to you for a great trip to the Philippines.

    1. Good morning, Dai. I am sure you’ve been to more places than I’ve because I’ve mostly just been around Europe, hehe. Thanks for the wishes Dai, I wish you the same! I am doing some concrete planning for Palawan now, and I am enjoying it. Have a great Sunday today! 🙂

  2. Ljubljana is one my favorite places I’ve ever been to! It’s so underrated and off most people’s radars but it’s so pretty and green! Plus they have lots of cool street art and art collectives. I hope I can go back someday.

  3. That’s so cool,I am happy that you shared your experience and beautiful photos with us while being in this great city!Looking forward to visiting it as well one day since I love travelling!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Prague’s old town I’d say is bigger and busier and maybe more interesting, but I also liked the old town in Ljubljana. It’s much smaller, but it’s full of historical buildings and bridges over the river and you’ll find all major sites within the old town area. I think you’d enjoy it 🙂

      1. I was very close to travelling to that exact area, but at the last minute decided to spend some time in Poland instead. Perhaps in the future I might be able to walk that same bridge!

    1. Hi, I remember picking up the novel when I was a teenager but I probably didn’t finish reading it. Now that I found out from you that it has Slovenia/Ljubljana on it, I might give it a try again 🙂 Love reading books based on places I’ve been to. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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