Motorcycle trip from Poland to Croatia and more: Part 5

[This is part 5 of my recent Euro road trip series. Click here to find the previous parts of the series. ]

Kotor was even more beautiful than I had expected. I was a bit disappointed that we’d come that far but were leaving after just a day in Montenegro, but there’s always another time! As I wrote on my post about our day in Kotor, Justyna and Mateusz had chosen to ride to Lovcen National Park while Stanislaw and I had decided to relax and swim in Kotor after visiting the old town.  That meant that we could leave for Dubrovnik in Croatia at around 3 in the afternoon, earlier than expected.

Goodbye to the awesome balcony view in Kotor

Up until then, we were always riding together and Mateusz led the way as he had a better GPS holder on his motorbike. This time, we had to configure all this on our own. Even after increasing the screen brightness to maximum, Stanislaw still couldn’t see the screen properly due to the sunlight. But we decided to go ahead anyway. We passed many seaside villages and glistening beaches as we rode along the Montenegrin road leading to Dubrovnik. The road was just a few hundred meters from the blue, calm Adriatic sea, so I really enjoyed the extremely beautiful scenery on the left side of the road. I often had problems with sleepiness when riding, so I’d open the helmet shield for a while to let the fresh air in. That didn’t help that much and I frequently slipped into short half-naps on the moving motorcycle!

The views in Montenegro from the road

In just 1 hour, we were at the Montenegro-Croatia border crossing. There was no waiting for me this time, as my passport was checked and stamped swiftly. Same on the Croatian side. Looked like we could really use some beach time in Dubrovnik before it got dark.  One of the most interesting things that I encountered was the small corridor called Neum that belongs to Bosnia&Herzegovina but is located right in Southern Croatia. We had to go through the border check once again to enter into this 20 kms (and the only) coastal part of Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was very quick and after just 20 kms of Bosnia & Herzegovina, we entered back to Croatia again. One of the things that I couldn’t really differentiate in the Balkans was the language. Usually there’d be very little to indicate that I was in a new Balkan country because the languages all look the same!

The seascapes that we saw on the coastal road to Dubrovnik were just incredible! It was indeed very dreamy for me as I couldn’t help but notice secluded beaches, coves, inviting blue sea water, more crowded beaches  and  red-roofed, seaside villages on a distance, all through the helmet glasses. I had completely lost track of time and was so surprised when we arrived near Dubrovnik (where our rented apartment was located) in no time. The hosts were really friendly and welcomed us with a shot of homemade liquor called raki, which was very delicious. After getting acquainted with the rules of the apartment and the surroundings from the hosts, we were ready to hit the nearby beach and explore the area.

Exploring beaches near the apartment in Dubrovnik

Our friends Justyna and Mateusz were still in Montenegro and probably heading to Croatia by then. It was a relatively short motorbike ride for us that day and I was well-rested. What I first noticed was just how expensive the prices were compared to neighboring Montenegro and Bosnai&Herzegovina (and even Poland) and how touristy the whole place was. I didn’t have the feeling of being in a far-away, exotic place like in Kotor and Mostar although they are all so close..The nearest pebbly beach was 10-15 minutes walk away from our apartment. It was quite chilly by that time in late-afternoon but I went for a quick swim anyway. Since Croatia was our primary destination on the trip, I very much looked forward to swimming for the next 4 days.

View from the bus window the following morning around Dubrovnik

Much later, Justyna and Mateusz arrived from Montenegro and told us how amazing the visit to the Lovcen National Park had been for them because of the views it offered. We chatted, drank beers and made plans for visiting nearby Dubrovnik town the following morning before going to bed.

Kilometers covered on 5th day: 91
Hours on the road: 2 hours 15 minutes
Total kilometers covered from starting point(Lodz): 1866

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for follow-up stories on the trip. 

Update: Click here to read the final part of the trip.




22 thoughts on “Motorcycle trip from Poland to Croatia and more: Part 5

    1. Hi Dai. My work colleagues who have families also often wish that they were younger and carefree so they could travel more. I am trying to make the most of my youthful years, especially in such a beautiful continent.
      How is your Monday going Dai? It’s been raining whole day here.. and it will be the same this whole week! I am escaping to Crete for a few days this week, so I am very much looking forward to that.

      1. Well Pooja, my left knee is out of action at the moment so I’m laying low for a few days. I’m watching lots of TV and relaxing on my bed until my leg is better. I just get up to make some quick meals or go to the bathroom. I’m going to try to walk to the nearby supermarket this morning,.

        Yes I totally agree. Europe is beautiful. For me it’s the best place in the world to be.

      2. I hope you recover fast, Dai. And I totally agree with you: Europe is the ultimate continent that you everybody who can should see once in their lifetime, so much history, culture, variety and natural beauty.

    1. Oh thank you, Tay! 🙂 I actually have just a few from the motorbike journey because it wasn’t so easy to take photos all the time when moving, but I’ve been posting whatever I have 🙂 Glad you liked them!

  1. Ah, those photos are so serene and pretty. The water so blue. I have heard that Dubrovnik can be touristy, and I guess the cruise ships compound that problem. Although most of those tourist should depart by dinner time surely?
    I am enjoying tripping through the Balkans with you! Although I am done with my time on the back of a bike. ( And I used to have naps as a pillion passenger too – when it was really cold and wet!) Your weather looks delightful. Hope it continues for you, Pooja.

    1. Hi Amanda. Thank you. The water is really that blue and serene.
      We went to Dubrovnik just for an afternoon and it was very crowded, but I can completely understand why! It’s really pretty. In my opinion, it’s worth to visit despite the number of tourists in summer..
      Cold and wet weather would actually keep me awake I think! It was the sunny, hot weather that made me so sleepy on the back of the motorbike 🙂 I am actually back already, Amanda. I’ve been sick for the last week so I couldn’t update my blog on the road trip quicker.

      1. Welcome home Pooja! I am sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope it is not the bad flu that was around this year. So Dubrovnik is as beautiful as everyone says? I hope I get to see it someday. But I would choose to stay overnight if I could, so I could enjoy it with a few less tourists than some of the reports. I hope you feel better soon. Rest and take care

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