Short stay in a cute Dutch village

I went to the Netherlands on Easter break for three days. Our intention was to visit Amsterdam, but (luckily, in retrospect) we didn’t find any places to stay in Amsterdam as everything was fully booked that weekend. We therefore booked to stay in a village called Bergen about 1 hour away from Amsterdam.

One word to define the village: cute. So, so cute. I loved it the moment we arrived and it was at night! My travel companions, my boyfriend Stanislaw and flatmate Justyna, shared the same feeling. Next day we rented bikes (of course we had to, it’s the Netherlands!) and went around the town.

Blissful little village?

Cute bike trails on a sunny, lazy day led us to beautiful places. Like the beautiful beach by North Sea.

Biking in places like these? YES, please!
The beach

We passed canals lazily flowing through the village, wide green fields and gorgeous well-kept houses and gardens.IMG_20160327_140248

We greatly enjoyed our bike ride on that sunny day to a nearby town called Alkmaar, which was equally cute. I really cannot find the substitute for the word cute here. Everything was too cute, for the lack of other words!IMG_20160327_144802

We went through its cobblestone streets, bridges and enjoyed beers and fries at the town.IMG_20160327_143732

Alkmaar market streets

The town very much reminded me of Bruges in Belgium where I had been the previous summer.

We biked our way back to Bergen with smiling faces and went on a evening walking tour of the little village.

Bergen at evening

The village gave me very cozy vibes. If there is one thing I learned from my short stay at the Dutch village, it is that the Dutch are very good at creating and maintaining cute things: like their houses and well-kept, beautiful gardens.

Those two nights in Bergen were pleasant and I preferred it about a thousand and two times more than busy Amsterdam.

15 thoughts on “Short stay in a cute Dutch village

    1. Czesc Maja! Yes, Amsterdam was nice but I couldn’t spend more than a day there.. which is exactly what we did, hehe. Charming is a very good word to define those nearby towns and villages indeed! 🙂

  1. It looks absolutely amazing, girl. I never heard of Bergen before but I must admit it is a typical cozy Dutch village that I really must see soon. I’ve been going to different places in Holland every 2 weeks doing geocaching. Hope I could do that in Bergen as well.

    1. Yes, you should see it! It is so tiny and cute. I recommend you to rent bikes and go to seaside, it’s about 20 minutes ride from that village. Alkmaar is a bigger, nearby town, but it’s also quite charming 🙂

  2. Agreed! It’s super cute! We’ve visited Amsterdam twice before, and will be back this summer. But this time, we plan to leave the city and go stay in some other lesser known towns, just like you did. One of our friends lives in Bloemendaal aan Zee, so we’ll be going there for sure. Thanks for sharing your experience and recommending this super cute place 🙂

    – Maddy @

    1. Good luck with your travel! Little towns and villages in the Netherlands are really beautiful I think, I hope you will like exploring them 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. It looks like the perfect getaway, Pooja. During a visit to Amsterdam I took a half-day bus tour to a couple of villages, and ever since then, I have wanted to go back to say outside the city and ride a bike across the countryside. I hope to one day be able to realize that dream.

    1. Thank you, Tanja. It was a great spring weekend. I found the villages around Amsterdam to be very pretty too. Amsterdam was too crowded for me to enjoy it fully. Maybe you can quickly hop over to the Netherlands when you visit Germany next time? 🙂

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