A year older

Four years ago, I remember considering myself to be young and full of life until I reached 23. I don’t know where it came from, but I had this idea that once past 23, life is not fun anymore. I turned 23 this weekend, and I fortunately do not hold the view I once had four years before. I do feel very young and lively and life is still fun.

I had only one big birthday celebration in my life. It was when I was in 5th grade and it was the biggest, happiest birthday celebration party I had. After that, I became a teenager and I just didn’t feel the need to celebrate the occasion anymore. This seems to be getting more and more mundane every year, as this year was so uneventful that I let my ‘special’ day fly by without doing anything special.

I had wanted to go to Warsaw and maybe have a nice lunch with my boyfriend, but we ended up going to an Indian restaurant owned by a Nepalese couple in a small town some half an hour away from here. The food was very good, and I did want to devour the naan, but the dieting over the last couple of months must have made my stomach smaller, as I got full very fast. It was also a nice change to speak Nepali in person after months and months. After returning, I had wanted to go to the movies, but I ended up skyping for hours with my family in Nepal. They hadn’t realized that I consider the English date my birthday and were waiting until today (the Nepali date) to wish me birthday. So, the evening passed and my urges of going to the movies and pub passed with it.

I have been listening to a lot of music today and contemplating about things. Major things have happened since last year:

  • I have started working full time.
  • I am a resident of Poland. Change from Finland.
  • There were strings of deadly earthquakes in Nepal which made me re-evaluate the meaning of life, death and family.
  • I visited my family in Nepal last September after two years.
  • I made the birth date private on my Facebook profile, as I felt the wishes on Facebook are hardly genuine.
  • I asked my boyfriend to not gift me anything this year, as I am trying to live a very minimal (materials-wise) life.
  • Moved into a cute apartment at city center with a nice flatmate and her little mischievous, friendly, rebellious black cat. Not uncomfortable around cats anymore.
  • I have learnt the importance of eating right and exercising. It is possible to lose weight after all. Health is wealth.
  • I had gone ice-skating last year on my birthday.

Since starting full-time work, I have been exhausted and boring. So boring that I did not even feel like doing anything fun on my birthday. Maybe being 23 has made me older after all? Days come and go so quickly. One day you’re at the office wishing for the weekend, and the weekend is gone in a blink of an eye. And the cycle repeats. I have learnt many, many things since starting the work. ‘Real life’ things, namely the importance of time, money, friends and hobbies. I am still figuring out if this is how I want my life to be: limited to a 9-5 routine. It is very overwhelming to think about too many things at once. I often listen to or play (sometimes) music to deviate.

I did cook delicious goat meat today which I managed to find right here in Poland. I tried to recreate it just as my parents did back in Nepal and it made me very nostalgic. There are moments when homesickness becomes a real issue to deal with and it occurs at such unexpected times. The curry turned out tasty. I have progress from the diet and have managed to lose 3.5 kgs over the last two months. I was bed-ridden with flu and tonsils last week and am still coughing, but I am hopefully going to rejoin the gym and get back on diet from this week. I am really looking forward to Sri Lanka and basking on its glorious beaches. It’s now only two weeks away and I have been reading up a lot on Sri Lanka lately. That country is very interesting. And I am 23! By the time that sinks in, I will be turning 24 next year.




9 thoughts on “A year older

  1. Hi Pooja and good morning from Lisbon. I just read through your blog and was trying to remember myself in the early twenties. It’s all a bit vague now. Pooja, did you hear that there was an earthquake in Kathmandu on Friday?It was a medium 5.5 Richter shake. I’m glad I’m not there but at the same time I wish I could be there with the family and my dog. We have a big thing in common and that’s because I also want a minimal materialistic life. I don’t want things and I don’t want people to give me things. I mean frivolous, unnecessary things that clutter the place. My essential materialistic things are my home and furniture, my laptop to communicate with the world, my music appliances and my books. I hate excess and waste and I’m very ‘green’ in my daily life. Look after yourself, Pooja and say hello to your flatmate and her cat and your boyfriend………. Dai

    1. Hi Dai. Nice to hear from you. Yes, I did hear about the earthquake and my parents said that they really felt the shock. It’s so sad that despite being in such a risky zone, close to nothing is being done in Nepal to prevent the effects of earthquakes. My parents always argue that even if they do move to an earthquake-resistant hut/home, chances are that they could get caught in one when they are in other numerous unsafe places that are everywhere in Kathmandu; offices, schools, marketplaces etc.
      I have been really trying to incorporate minimalism into my life since the past few months and have been doing well. It’s not always easy as there are so many tempting products out there in so little prices – but I am getting better and better. The most important possession I own is my laptop as well, dai 🙂

      1. Hi again, Pooja. Guess what we just had for lunch. It was dal bhat with spinach and curried chicken breast. Wow it was gorgeous even if we did cook it ourselves. I followed it with fruit yogurt and now I’m full until evening. I have to go out now to the bank and then to Lidl for several items. I would far prefer to stay at home today and write a little blog but I have to go out. How was your weekend, Pooja ?

      2. I was never able to get on with chiura but you know, Pooja, I had dalbhat every day for ten years and loved it. Finally I learned how to make it myself so now I can survive easily here in Lisbon

  2. For me it is incredible how quick time is flying by. Still remember when I had my high school graduation and moved to Finland. Now I am suddenly 28 and living again in Germany. The last birthday I celebrated was when I turned 18…

  3. Happy belated birthday Pooja! Life is fun no matter what age, it’s just your mindset. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful year ahead! I am turning 30 this year and there are a lot of emotions I’ve been feeling. Mostly, pressuring myself to be more “adult” like.

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