What I did in Bruges

Bruges is a very pretty Flemish town in Belgium and I truly think that it’s worth visiting. Since Belgium is a small country, I decided to take a bus to Bruges from Chareloi airport, which took about two hours. I found this comfortable, low-cost couch service called Flibco, which went directly from Brussels-Chareloi airport to Bruges. I enjoyed the trip very much and I am writing down what I did in Bruges in two days.

  • Walking around the town: I walked around the town a lot. First day with Anna and the second day by myself. All the attractions are in walking distance as it is a small town. It is a lovely town to go around on your feet. I enjoyed the ample green spaces, the historical buildings, the canals, the strikingly beautiful churches and palaces and the outdoor markets.Bru2


  • Beer, fries and chocolates: Considering how famous Belgium is worldwide for these three things, I enjoyed the fries, beers and chocolates on the parks, the canalsides, the parks and the lovely town square under the sun. I also had a book with me that I was reading, so it was perfect. I really enjoyed the carefree traveling and exploring.Bru4


  • Visiting the attractions and landmarks: I enjoyed visiting the town hall (with the possibility of climbing the tower for panoramic views of the town), the main square (called Markt),Β  the city center (UNESCO world heritage site for its outstanding historical value),Β  Church of Our Lady, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Old St. John’s Hospital, the cathedral, Liberty of Bruges, among others. There are also some interesting museums (which I didn’t visit). But just walking around the old town is wonderful, as the whole town is dotted with beautiful, medieval style structures and canal ways.Bru


  • Canal tour: Another perspective of seeing the town from the boat, passing under the many, old bridges and Gothic style houses right next to the canal. I really enjoyed the boat ride, as I love cities with canals and this one was so pretty at that.Bru7


  • Visiting the markets: I went around Zand market on a Saturday morning. I didn’t buy anything, but it was interesting to walk and see the market stalls.Bru6


There are other things to do in Bruges as well, some ofΒ  which I would have done if I had more time. Touring the museums and breweries, hiring bicycles and biking, renting horse carriages to tour the beautiful town on its cobblestone streets etc are the other possible activities. Not all activities interested me, but I still had a great time at Bruges.

I would recommend good footwear as the town is very walkable and good maps (as it’s easy to lose ways due to similar structures despite the town being small.) Bruges is one of the prettiest little towns I have ever visited, a bit too touristic, but I would love to go back again.


12 thoughts on “What I did in Bruges

  1. I also visited Bruges one time. It was many years ago. Like you I just strolled around and ate french fries and had a beer. I am a very bad tourist because I don’t like the usual tourist things, museums, old churches, art galleries. I love to see the old buildings from the outside, in their settings, but I rarely go inside them. My main interest is in nature and people and just walking around, looking. I love rail travel and have backpacked around so many countries, travelling in railway sleeping cars or sometimes on long distance buses. I have travelled extensively in Europe and in Asia.

    1. I have also recently found out that I don’t like doing the typical touristic stuff either. Because I am working, most of my travels in Europe are only for a few days so I am bound to see at least the major attractions. But I rarely go to museums or art galleries or insides the buildings itself.
      Wow, you sound like a very well-traveled person πŸ™‚ I am only starting to discover how beautiful Europe is. Since I am working full-time from this March, it’s not always easy to travel extensively. But I try to visit some new place at least every couple of months and hopefully stretch the travels to other continents in the future. With the Nepali passport, it’s nearly not as easy, but I will try.

      1. Yes I guess I’m quite well travelled and I’ve been to some unusual places too, like Iran (three times) Laos (many times), Oman, Brunei. I don’t travel so much these days although I do have to fly sometimes to Kathmandu and the UK

  2. I visited Brugges,too,just last year,as well as Brussels and I was mesmerized by the beauty it holds.These are some of the main activities I did as well while being there and every memory brings a large smile on my face.It is indeed,a very lovely and vibrant city.

    1. I loved Bruges too! I didn’t visit Brussels but I actually had a flight from nearby. Grand Place in Brussels looks amazing on the photos. What I liked about Bruges was how small, gorgeous and charming it was. And the canals! πŸ™‚

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