I am back

It’s been a while since I posted here, and it wasn’t because I had nothing to write about. I was just too busy and now that I have finally settled a bit, and Lodz just got the year’s first snow (so early!), I will have enough time to sit on the couch and spend a lot of time on my computer.

This year’s summer was ordinary. It took me four years in Europe, two summers in Finland and two in Poland, to realize that summer here is not three months of idyllic hot days and daily sunshine as I always seemed to conceive in my mind. Half of my summer passed by not accepting that it was already summer and the rest half slipped away while I was doing frantic, last-minute work on my Bachelor’s thesis. I managed to adapt to my work environment at my job, work some extra time, and work on the thesis while desperately wishing to go outdoors and enjoy a grill in the evenings and weekends. I submitted and presented the thesis in time, although it did taunt me even in Nepal where I was just for 16 short days, and recently graduated from Finland, officially cutting all my ties to the country!

This summer I overtook a challenging activity: cycling on the uneven roads of Lodz. It was really tricky in the beginning. There are some well-maintained cycle lanes in the city but roads especially around the center, which I intended to use everyday, are uneven and are going through some major construction works (which seems to go on forever, literally). My only cycling experience in my adult life was in Kokkola, Finland which is a very small town and where I didn’t have to use the main roads for cycling at all. But here in Lodz, I had to know the rules and often cycle on the main roads.. which was terrifying, given the reputation of impatient Polish drivers and of course the roads. Possessing a Nepali driving license, where the only enforced rule is to keep your common senses up and not kill yourself while on the road, didn’t help me much either. On the first day, I passed right through the “no entry” sign because I wasn’t sure what it meant, about which I was made fun of by my co-workers for about 3 days. But hey, I am Asian and female, so how did they expect me to behave on the road, with a vehicle? I got quickly used to tackling the Polish roads on a bicycle in a few days and saved a lot of time, by not getting stuck in the frequent traffic jams here. And I also learnt many road-signs, so win-win!

I did take trips here and there, although I couldn’t travel as much as last year because I am now working 40 hours a week. I do plan to write about my travels after Denmark which were to the following places:

  1. Krakow, Poland and to the infamous Auschwitz nazi death camp.
  2. Cyprus – a week long summer vacation.
  3. Gdansk – a beautiful Northern city in Poland.
  4. Bruges – a pretty Flemish town in Belgium.
  5. Istanbul – the unexpected adventure of the year, for 24 hours.
  6. Nepal – the most awaited holiday of the year.

I really enjoyed all of the trips and the weather favored me everywhere I went. I don’t have any trips planned for the year as I have no free days left from work. Christmas would be a good time, since I have 4 days break from work and I have had enough with the Polish celebration for the last two years with my boyfriend’s family, but nothing is decided yet. I have some time to think through whether I am brave and willing enough to wander outdoors at freezing December temperatures of Europe. I do have some interesting things to share about the trips, which I will soon be posting on the blog, as I finally have the zeal and time to do so. Other than the unexpected snowfall today, ahead of what looks like will be a cold, long winter this year, everything is the usual.


2 thoughts on “I am back

  1. Kokkola and Lodz are rather different cities 🙂
    In Lodz I was only for a competition in 2005 but still I have some memories of the city.
    Someday we also plan a trip to Gdansk as we hope to find another few family buildings there from back in the day. Not that we have any relatives left there but still pictures etc of the old holdings, would be thrilling to rediscover at least some of it

    1. You’re right, the cities are quite different.
      You should definitely visit Gdansk, it’s my favorite city in Poland, and the food isn’t bad either 🙂

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