Winter break in Paris – part I

I was in Paris for three days in December. After returning back, I have been so busy with college work (still am) and lazing that I couldn’t post for a while.

My boyfriend and I had booked this trip in summer on a discount day offered by the WizzAir for autumn/winter. The flight was however to Beauvais, some 84 km from Paris. We left for Katowice at midnight from Lodz, and were both exhausted by the time we landed at Beauvais. We had booked a car trip(BlaBlaCar) from Beauvais to Paris, but because of miscommunication in the last hours with the driver who offered, we had to wait on the queue for buses leaving to Paris. I was surprised by the number of tourists there on a small airport, not even in Paris, in early December! All those tourists were indeed headed for Paris, the city everybody wants to visit at least once!

With a 17 euro ticket and a very comfortable bus journey, we reached to central bus station in Paris in about 1 hour 15 minutes. The city at first glimpse looked like any other major cities I have been to. We had booked an apartment in the center of Paris, but given its size, it took us a while to navigate our route. The metro station and ticket counters were crowded and there were queues everywhere. I was a bit wary of using English, thanks to the pre-impression I had of the French wanting to speak only French. But we were able to use English with the ticket operator and make our way through.

I have been to some major European cities and Paris public transportation is hands down one of the best. The trains were very timely and frequent, so we were quickly able to reach to the neighborhood where we were booked. After Eiffel tower, the second thing that came to my mind when I thought of Paris were those cute little outdoor cafes and after seeing so many of them on the first day, it indeed deemed true. Lively, lively!


The apartment where we were booked was offered by a friendly French student who gave us all information concerning the apartment and major attractions in Paris. After a bit of resting and showering, we were ready to explore the city of Paris. It took us no time to reach NotreDame. The whole neighborhood was lovely and packed with tourists. We had to wait in the queue for a while to get inside the cathedral. I always admire the architectural beauty of cathedrals. The cathedral was quite big and busy. Since Christmas was near, there was a massive Christmas tree outside. Although I love peace and quietness by nature, I also sometimes love being in busy, lively places and that was exactly what Paris was!

Inside the cathedral
Lovely evening!

We walked along the famous river of Seine and looked around. It was starting to get dark, and the city was illuminated with lights. I just love, love city lights! They make me feel so warm and cozy. We saw Eiffel tower in the distance and it was so memorable. Of having read about the iconic Eiffel tower since childhood, having watched it in movies, read about it in books, I was finally seeing it! It was very memorable 🙂

Eiffel on the distance

We were going to meet my good friend Aurel and his girlfriend that evening. So we passed the busy shops, cafes and pubs and made it to Republique. It was a very lively square and jam packed with people. We went to a pub for some beer and chatted. The last time I saw Aurel was exactly 2 years ago in Finland! I cannot believe how fast time passes by. We later decided to go to his girlfriend’s apartment. We had some takeout dinner and drank some more while chatting and listening to some music! It was a very relaxing evening and I was glad to meet them.

Later in the night, we walked back to our apartment and called it a day.

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