Vilnius, Lithuania: Day 1

I took a 3-days trip to Vilnius on the October 25th and it became one of my favorite places.

Our journey to Lithuania started from Warsaw. It was unusually cold that morning and the bus (Simple Express) was about 15 minutes late. It was so difficult to wait outside because of the cold though. The bus was very comfortable and the big plus was the entertainment screen with movies, games and web. About 5-6 hours of travelling North we crossed the border to Lithuania. It was a beautiful, clear day and the views were beautiful from inside the warmth of the bus. We were a bit tired as we had left for Warsaw at 3 in the morning from Lodz.

We finally arrived to Vilnius at about 3 in the afternoon and boy was it cold! The host where we were staying at was there to pick us up. Going through the roads of Vilnius to his suburban house, I noticed that Lithuania looked like a mix of Poland and Finland. Finland because it’s much less crowded and I saw some company names that I used to see in Finland (but not in Poland) like Hesburger, Lindex etc. And Poland because the people looked similar to the Poles and the apartments (Soviet era blocks) and the roads looked like that in a Polish city.

The houseΒ was in a very quiet area and it was beautiful. A nice front yard, which we didn’t make any use of because of the temperatures. The room was very cozy and clean. We wanted to get out but I was wary of the weather. But we decided to go ahead anyway and within 15 minutes of walking, I was freezing (it was -9 that evening in OCTOBER!). I didn’t pack wisely as I thought the temperatures might be similar like in Poland. But I was so wrong. The neighborhood was so quiet that we were practically the only ones waiting for the bus at the bus stop in the freezing temperature. We decided to return and venture out the other day.

P1130091 P1130093 P1130094

Along the way, we tried to find some shops, but nothing was to be seen except the little, quiet houses. There was a frozen lake nearby and we threw some stones on it πŸ™‚ We returned back and drank some hot tea. I was really liking the small unknown place feel that Vilnius was giving and the very quiet neighborhood. It felt like I was so far away from everybody in a charming town.


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