Encounters in ‘Flesh Fair’-II

Explains the arranged marriage culture that still prevails in South Asia. Wonderfully written and gives a perspective into how the system is like a business deal where “love” (the most important base for marriage) is on the bottom of the list. I am so loving this blog! I am happy that even as a 21-year old from Nepal, I have never been brainwashed into this hogwash. More girls (and guys) should understand this and stand up against these so-called traditions that are dragging us centuries behind the civilized world.

Adventures of an erstwhile Koop Mandook*

This encounter followed shortly after the previous one. It was arranged once again through the time honoured route of Times of India Matrimonial Column! He was from a small town which was a 4-hour train ride from the one I lived in. Given the unpleasantness of the last encounter, my parents did an initial inquiry and the ‘boy’ and his family was declared ‘safe’ and ‘that there was no fear of them being robbers, cheats and mass murderers!’

A letter arrived one day via snail mail (this was in the late 1990’s).  Since the ‘boy’ was in the US of A, his mother had expressed a desire to ‘meet the girl first’, because she had decided ‘to filter out prospective girls’ who would finally be shown to the ‘boy’ when he came to India that winter.

We had to meet the lady in her town per her convenience ‘as…

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