October resolution

I got addicted to following world news everyday since about two years ago. It led me from checking news once a day to strenuously following the updates every minute. And I am surprised how long it took me to  realize that the media exaggerates everything.

I thought the Indian and Nepali media were the only ones creating unnecessary hypes and exaggerating something trivial to get attention. But it turns out that most media channels are the same. Media can stoop as low as publishing every little details of the crime victims, scare-mongering the general public by enlarging issues more than needed, printing graphic images and publishing useless articles on people nobody really cares about, like celebrities.


Since I realized that reading the news every hour is only harming my psyche more than making me aware me of the current events, I have decided to stop following the news. I am disgusted by the media-  the over-sensationalism it creates, the propaganda it leads to the public in believing in, the way it thinks that it can spoon feed the public. I am also so sick of constant advertisements shoved to my face, and the over-commercialism that’s rampant everywhere.The only thing I can do now is to shut the computer and enjoy my life as it is rather than being in constant fear of terrorists invasion or dying of Ebola.


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