See you, Suomi!

Anathema’s “Weather Systems” on the background, wind howling and the sight of night pink-ish sky outside – as I sit on the bed on my last night in Finland is making me weep.  Listening to this album reminds me of my student days in a quiet Finnish town a couple of years ago, the friendships formed then and the memories. This album is a trigger. So much so that I don’t really know how to collect and organize the feelings into words.

After an awesome month in my favorite country of Finland, I am all set for flying back to Poland tomorrow morning. I can only try to cherish every moments (like in all of my trips to this country) that I had in the last month. From the hospitality of my friends in Kokkola to the conversations with so many interesting people whom I befriended in Helsinki, it all makes me truly happy. The nature was what struck the closest again – the lakes and the trees. Finland has always been that country where I’ve felt that I can be truly me. I can go cycling through the woods with my music on my ears, go sit and muse at a lakeside watching the sun go down or walk through the streets in Helsinki where I feel so very part of the thriving international culture. With its enchanting nature, the spectacular change of seasons, the hip cities, the shy people, the quiet towns, the culture overall – Finland is a wonder.

It’s been exactly three years since I first came to this country. And coincidentally, I was walking on the very same street, at the very exact time in Helsinki as I did as a wearied little traveler from Nepal exactly three years ago. I was walking on that street asking people if there was a public payphone nearby, only to realize later that Finland doesn’t have any public payphones. More than three years have passed since that day and so many things have happened. From a gullible teenager to a person with a much better understanding of life and world that I am today, the journey has been exhilarating. I have loved spending every single minute in this country as it has been truly unique and more than what I had hoped for.

Things took a turn when I moved to Poland as a part of my university studies back in last January. Not that I love Poland any less, but now when I think of it, I was never ready to leave Finland so early and all of sudden for such a long time. I don’t have a residence in Finland now, and I have to stay at somebody else’s place during my visits. But I’ve learnt that change is inevitable and a part of living process. I can only accept it and appreciate the present I have, for soon it will only remain with me as memories. I am only beginning to realize the most valuable things in life and I’m trying to grab as much as I possibly can before it becomes bygone.

This country is mesmerizing. I can’t speak for everybody, but for me, it always is. Just looking at the night sky and trees brings makes me overwhelmed. I can’t help but contemplate my whole life and only realize how lucky I’ve been. Lucky enough to be breathing at this very moment and putting these surreal yet sweet feelings into words. My strong opinions on the importance of good health, family and friends only gets stronger and stronger everyday. Finland has been so inspirational, unique and enthralling to me – and that is why it holds a very special place in my heart.


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