Things I miss about Nepal

[I don’t own any of the pictures.] 

As much as I’m critical about many aspects of Nepal, I miss many pleasures that comes from being home. A few days ago, I was gazing outside the window to see that it was raining rather heavily, and this triggered some homesickness. I have fond memories of rainy days in Nepal, rain so heavy that I could listen to it as it fell heavily on the roofs and ground. And hence I came up with the list of things that I miss the most about Nepal.

1. Going to monasteries and temples. Nothing as comforting as watching the colorful prayer flags fluttering, absorbing the peacefulness and appreciating the beautiful art.

Boudhanath Stupa at Kathmandu.
Boudhanath Stupa at Kathmandu.

2. The mouth-watering flavors. Everything from home-made food to street food to restaurants and eat-outs. Also includes the organic, wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Momo, pickled potatoes, spicy peanut salad, meat curry.
Momo, pickled potatoes, spicy peanut salad, meat curry.

3. Being surrounded by family and friends. Having people to pamper you, to love you and to get mad at you. All in Nepali language!

4. Colors. The colorful festivals, colorful everyday clothes and colorful buildings. That hardly makes anything mundane.

Fewa lake, Pokhara
Fewa lake, Pokhara

5. The familiarity of the surroundings and the sense of being a local.

6. The variation in nature. I mostly miss the everyday sights of hills and mountains.

Dhulikhel, near Kathmandu.
Dhulikhel, near Kathmandu.

There are other things I miss as well, but these make me the most nostalgic. And of course, there are many things that I do not miss at all.

Home in today’s global context has become such a volatile term. But as much as I love the city that I am currently living in and the quiet Finnish town I lived in the past, I am not close to considering them home yet.


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