I have finally slightly recovered from almost week-long flu. Been doing nothing except lying in the bed and reading all the horrible news that’s going around the world. I thought today, thanks to the lovely almost-autumn weather, that I should do something besides lying on my ass all day. The positivity was restored after I sprayed some perfume around the room and boy, do I love perfumes! I love the flowery, strong fragrance. Too bad that I am too poor to afford high-end perfumes. But average perfumes have been doing the job so far. I love how instantly my mood is uplifted with anything that smells of freshness, flowers and nature πŸ™‚

I am also a neat freak, for the most part. I absolutely love it when everything around is neat and tidy, it spreads a lot of positivity and enthusiasm. So after cleaning the room, I sat down with a cup of tea to contemplate how little things can make someone happy. I managed to jot down some small everyday things that make me instantly happy πŸ˜€

1. Pleasant fragrance. Everything from shower gels to perfumes to body sprays.

2. Good food while watching my favorite TV show. Little pleasures of life.

3. Colors. Strong colors. Orange and yellow mostly. It makes me very nostalgic and happy.

4. Organized and neat wardrobe, room, bathroom, etc.

5. Listening to certain types of music, with some warm (or cold πŸ˜€ ) drink. I can always count on music to instantly uplift my mood.

6. Long night drives, on the passenger seat of course. since I don’t drive.

7. A comfortable, cozy, nicely made bed. Freshly made beds are fine pleasures πŸ™‚

8. Warm bowl of soup (or better yet, momos) on a rainy day while watching a movie.

9. Long talks with my family.

What are your little, everyday pleasures? πŸ™‚



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