Krynica Morska, Northern Poland

We relished the final weekend of summer (about 2 weeks ago! ) by lounging on the beach in a small Polish seaside town called Krynica Morska. The small holiday town was charming and the beaches were very nice, although crowded. The quality of sand found in Polish beaches is superb. Fine texture and clear white color.

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When the five of us left Lodz for the 5 hour drive up North, it was raining heavily. The only places for eating along the highway were KFC and McDonald’s. I nevertheless always enjoy long drives, especially during nights. By the time we reached Krynica Morska, it was past midnight. But it was weekend and there were lot of people on the streets. We headed out to the beach right after putting away our bags and supplies. I was nagging my friends to walk upto the Russian border although I was told there is nothing there. However I’ve found borders to be always interesting. We later discarded the idea as we wouldn’t be able to walk into Russia without visas anyway. And it’s just a Russian territory that borders Poland, not the mainland Russia.

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The sea was calm and warm (beacuse the air temperature was colder at night) and we walked on the quiet, moonlit beach until we reached a karaoke bar. There was a sign nearby, “Wreckage, don’t swim”, I wonder what kind of wreckage it was. Of course, I didn’t swim to find out and even we did I doubt it, because the water wasn’t clear enough to snorkel or dive. We were lucky (I was scared at the beginning) to spot wild boars roaming around in the streets! Krynica Morska, I came to learn, is also famous for its wild boars alongside the beaches and delicious fish. However we only saw wild boars during nights.

The next day, we headed straight to the beach, early in the morning. It was a fine weather day. We had to walk for about 10 minutes along the crowded coastline to find a place to sunbathe. It was absolutely crowded. Baltic sea wasn’t as blue and salty and we could feel a lot of sea plants while swimming (yuck!). We spent the day swimming and sunbathing. Later in the evening, we went to eat some fish, and it was delicious! I am a big fan of fish generally, and it was such a nice dinner. The prices were expensive than Lodz of course, but very reasonable by European standards.

906336_444701865668801_6295278366511828166_o 10608359_444702022335452_7738799625918018504_o

On the other day we went to the famous big lake. There was a mini adventure park nearby and lots of souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. My friends bought cute souvenir boats made of shells for only 2 euros each! (8 zlotys) As I don’t have a permanent home/apartment, I don’t like accumulating many things so I had to stick with a small fridge magnet. We later went to the lighthouse and enjoyed some beautiful views from the top. Baltic sea on one side and the lake on the other side. It looked wonderful on a bright, clear day like that. Me being the water fan as I am, persuaded my friends to go to the beach again. Two of them decided to go see a concert nearby and the rest of us enjoyed the sun in the beach. There were some pretty high waves that evening and it was enthralling to play with those waves! Sea always fascinates me, throw in some spectacular waves that I can enojoy, and I’ll go crazy!  After some time however the water felt cold and we had to get out.

10497867_444702055668782_5176417203597061642_o 10604031_444702429002078_6020697835815719393_o

Who said Poland is a cold and gray country? I was in Wladyswawowo (seaside summer town) last year and Krynica Morska this year and I can recommend them to anyone for clear sands, calm sea and reasonable prices! Pefect for a family getaway with clear sand and shallow waters. That weekend in Krynica Morska was lovely and anyone looking to enjoy some sand and sun is guaranteed to enjoy the place!


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