Highlights of my experience in Porto, Portugal


I have been too caught up with too many chores and unable to update here as much as I’d like to. Since this is primarily themed around travels, I want to conclude the titbits of my Portugal trip.

 There was so much excitement bottled up inside me that it might have as well burst into bubbles of ecstasy , throughout my time in Porto. Never was I bored or homesick. In this case, Finland sick, which was very unlikely, since we were enjoying the lovely weather in Porto!

Apart from working on the project, we all would go to the beautiful Porto city center in the evenings and give our minds a break from the real project. I found the country, the culture, the architecture to be so vibrant.

This project was not only a project but a test on our own minds and abilities. It taught me what kind of  challenges I could accept, whether I could mingle well with different kinds of people and if I could produce a demanded result in a short time. These were all our prerequisites for a future real world. I integrated with the people very well and so did everyone. I immediately had best friends from Portugal, Poland, China, Belgium and what not. We would all gather in a common room at the night, make jokes, listen to music and talk about our countries. This was a truly enriching experience that I can’t think of gaining otherwise.


Our trips to Porto continued despite our hectic schedules. I would never get tired of walking on the 44 meter high Ponte de Luis bridge above the historic Douro river. I would never get tired of walking in the small walkways in the old part of the town which very much reminded me of Asan in Kathmandu. I would never get tired of tasting the varied Portuguese cuisine which catered well to my taste. I would never get tired of gazing at the numerous historic and cultural sites. I would never get tired of the dazzling lights by the night and the live music at the riverside music clubs.  I would never get enough of the weather. I would never get tired of those nights where all of us walked all the way to Gaia center from Porto to catch cab at late nights. Most of all, I would never get tired of the bond of friendship with the other students.


 Tasting the world famous Porto wine, taking a cruise in Douro river with stunning scenic views,  walking through the narrow alleys of old town in Porto, visiting the wine distillery, devouring the fantastic cuisine, enjoying the grand ocean waves, creating the game and most of all, forming an incredible bond with the students was the top highlights of my trip. This was an unforgettable experience which broadened the horizon of my mind in many ways. While I was equally sad to return to the cold Finland, I couldn’t help but smile and realize what amazing memories I had and what compassionate individual I had become after the short two weeks stay in the fabulous country of Portugal.




5 thoughts on “Highlights of my experience in Porto, Portugal

  1. You are more than one up on me because I’ve never been to Porto, nor to Finland or Lodz. I have been to Poland with my car. I drove to Oswiecim and Krakow from my home in Hungary, returning via Zakopane. I am very eager to visit Porto and even more eager after reading this blog

    1. Porto was so especial to me because of 1. Friends 2. I met my boyfriend there. 3. The warm weather. Coming from a cold country like Finland really contributed to liking Porto very much for me. It had everything Finland didn’t : great and cheap food, great wine, friendly people, the lovely architecture and of course the lovely, sunny weather. I am sure you will like Porto 🙂 I should visit Lisbon too some day, as I hear it’s a very beautiful city.

      1. Everybody loves Porto. I must go there soon. Pooja, the best thing for me about Portugal is the incredibly friendly and helpful people. The best people I have found in Europe. I feel totally comfortable living here and it’s so affordable, even to buy flats or houses. When will you be eligible for an EU passport ?

      2. In more than 4 years of my time in Europe, I stayed for the first two and a half in Finland while studying, and now I am working in Lodz as a software developer. I don’t have plans to stay in Europe long-term as I don’t like where the EU seems to be headed and Poland in particular pays notoriously low salaries. I pay more than 30% in income tax to the Polish government and get nothing in return in terms of security etc (plus the infrastructures are not good). I will work here at least a few years to gain enough skills in software development.
        I will probably move to some place in North America (Canada more likely) in the future. But we’ll see what happens. I haven’t set any strong plans yet.

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