Expectation and reality

Our expectations went down the drain!

We reached our ”hotel” which was basically in a park. And the funniest thing, we didn’t realize that it was an animal park until later in the evening!

We went to our rooms and four of us had to share one room! And I for one, had brought my swimsuit expecting there would be a swimming pool in the grand hotel πŸ˜€ It all looked dodgy at the beginning, but we quickly adapted to the environment.

After going to Lidl (omp at least we wouldn’t starve to death) we saw other IP people in the hotel/park πŸ˜€ We were the most diverse group there with proportionate amount of boys and girls, tourism and IT and from different nationalities. But our teacher soon left and we were there on our own with no clue whatsoever of what we were supposed to do next. Later, the Belgians approached and started talking to us (still accompanied by their teachers! ).

Guess what after that, we went round the park to see different exotic animals such as turtles, birds etc. We were elated. Sarcasm, folks.


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