The ‘okay’ obsession of the Portuguese

People, take it easy okay? XD

One of the numerous hilarious things I acquired during my Portugal trip was the uber use of the word ”Okay”. As simple as it may sound, I noticed that the Portuguese use this word excessively. Below are some of the examples:

1. A conversation of me and my friends with the hotel receptionist.

Us: Can you please show us in the map where the center is?

Lady: We are now here okay.

Us: *Confused* *Hm, maybe she didn’t understand our question*

Us: Okay, so how can we go to the center?

Lady: Porto is a beautiful city okay. You get out of the hotel, and you see the street okay. You turn left okay….

2. Conversation with our dear Portuguese friend Paulo.

Me: Welcome to our group Paulo.

Paulo: Okay, okay. I am happy to join this project okay.

Me: Um okay…

Paulo: I can translating for you guys okay.

3. The most classic one.

*Buying a pedicure set at the mall and trying to enter the pin for visa card*

The machine on the display: 25 Euro, OK?

Bam, we go laughing our asses off.

Portugal is amazing okay.

The first look outside Porto airport.
The park/hotel where we stayed!

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